Lace Event France: 1er Couvige “Dentelles Art Design”, Valenciennes – February 22-23, 2014

1er Couvige “Dentelles Art Design”, Valenciennes
“La Dentelle et La Mode”, featuring
Laces from Chantilly (represented by Danielle Wolf) and
Caudry (represented by Les Amis de la Dentelle)
l’Ecole de Dentelle de Valenciennes
Ville de Valenciennes
Dates: Saturday February 22 and Sunday February 23, 2014
Les Salons de l’Hôtel de Ville de Valenciennes
Place d’Armes
Hours: Saturday, 14:00 to 18:00
Sunday, 10:00 to 18:00
Phone:  03 27 22 57 65 or 03 27 22 57 81 (Mme Deloge, director of the school)

Grand fashion show on Sunday at 15:00
Centre de la Dentelle et des métiers d’art de Binche
De fil en fuseau: boutique et dentellières de Binche
Ecole de dentelle de Binche
Rosanna: Our cousin de Sebourg
C.S.L de Famars dirigé par Elisabeth Dejonghe
Atelier du Kerverhaut: Veronique Zimmerman
Club de Dentelle Hergnies
Chantal Daubies, M. Jeanne Houdin, Martine Holin, three Valenciennes lacemakers
Cathy Ghesquière, newly awarded diploma in Broderie de Lunéville
Etoile d’O, Jocelyne Wasylikow
Roselyne Dormignies, pattern teacher
Marc Amblard, manufacturer of Queyras pillows
J. P. Lensky
Sylvie Facon
Anabrode boutique en ligne a Valenciennes
Boutique de Liever, well known by lacemakers
Atelier Hana from the Czech Republic

Fees:  Entry is free.
The association “Authentique Dentelle de Valenciennes” was created in June 2012 following the dissolution of the association “Véritable Dentelle de Valenciennes”. It is attached to l’école de Dentelle de Valenciennes, 1, rue Emile Durieux, 59300 Valenciennes. This is there 1st couvige, although other events have been held in the past by the former organization.

Valenciennes      Valenciennes

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Lace Event Spain: IX Encuentro de Bolillos en Pego – February 23, 2014

IX Encuentro de Bolillos en Pego (Alicante)
Asociación de Bolilleras de Pego
Date: Sunday, February 23, 2014
Time: 11:00 to 13:00
Place: salon JPASS, c/pla de la font no 5, Pego
Contacts:  Xaro, 628-098-078
Marian: 699-693-475

10:00  Welcome Ceremony
11:00  Lunch, chocolate con buñuelos, made by our lacemakers
14:00  Lunch by “El Bollit”, Evarist Miralles, champion Spanish chef
16:00  Closing

Registration: Registrations must be received by February 14, 2014.  Registration fee is 12 EUR per participant.





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Lace Event Spain: XVII Trobada de Puntaires en Torrefarrera – February 16, 2014

XVII Trobada de Puntaires en Torrefarrera (Lleida, Catalonia)
El Grup de Puntaires “Filigrana” de Torrefarrera
La Regidoria de Cultura de l’Ajuntament de Torrefarrera
Date: Sunday, February 16, 2014
Time: starting at 10:00
Place: Pavello Poliesportiu
Contact:  Rosa M. Pou,
Photos from 2013 event:

Limited space available. in 2013 they had more than 400 participants.

Torrefarrera   Torrefarrera

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Auction: Hôtel Drouot – Eventails et dentelles – February 12, 2014

Eventails et detelles
Date: Wednesday, February 12, 2014
Place: Hôtel Drouot, Salle 3
9 rue Drouot, 75009 Paris
Time: begins at 14:00
Online Catalog:  laces are lots 128 to 244
Public Viewing: Tuesday February 11th from 11:00 to 18:00
Wednesday, February 12th from 11:00 to 12:00
Auction by: Coutau-Bégarue
phone: 01 45 56 12 20
expert: fans: Georgina Letourmy-Bordier, +33 (0)6 14 67 60 35  Lace: Martine Gauvard.

Notes: A large number of lace lots, excellent quality.  Note especially:
Lot 158, Alençon lappet and matching border. See also Lot 224 for something similar.
Lot 161, Cap back, mid 18th c, Brussels with droschel ground
Lots of Chantilly (although hard to tell if it is handmade), lots 160, 63, 164, 174, 175, 190, 191, 192, 232, 235
Lot 189, Dutch bonnet edged with Lille?
Lot 199, Point de Gaze flounce
Lot 209, says it’s a Mechlin barbe, but not enough photos to really tell what’s going on.
Lot 214, a huge Gros Point piece, again not enough detail on photos.
Lot 215, Point de France flounce
Lot 240, Reticella border, very worn, but interesting
Lot 237, Description confusing, looks like Valenciennes de Gand
Lot 238, Nice Duchesse
Lot 239 flounce of bobbinlace application.
Lot 244, War Lace needlelace, might be Zele.

The next important Drouot lace sale will likely be May 23, 2014.

Drouot is an organization of auction houses throughout France, including their main facility, the Hôtel Drouot in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. Established in 1852, Hôtel Drouot held a monopoly on French antiques auctions until legal reforms opened the way for international competition in 2000.  The Gazette Drouot lists upcoming auctions.
Bidding:  Obviously you can come and bid in person. Phone or absentee bids are accepted.
Online bidding: All bidders must first register with Drouot (before Thurs Oct 10th at noon for this sale). Go to to create an account.
Login at for online auctions, or for live auctions on the net.
There are many videos (in French) explaining the bidding process at:
Buyer’s Premium:  23% TTC (toutes taxe comprises) – check on this before the auction.
Payment due:  Expected almost immediately after the auction, cash, pre-approved cheque or credit card.

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Lace Event USA: The 61st International Organization of Lace, Inc. (IOLI) Convention – August 2-9, 2014

Note:  This is the 1,000th post on LaceNews.

The 61st International Organization of Lace, Inc. Convention
Theme:  A Golden Rush of Lace
Host: Gold Country Lacemakers
Date: August 2-9, 2014
Place: The Double Tree by Hilton Sacramento Hotel
2001 Point West Way, Sacramento, CA 95815
Rates/day: $99 single, $99 double, $109 triple, $109 Quadruple, $199 Parlor suite
Ask for special rates with code IOL, special rates good until July 12, 2014.
Phone: 1-916-929-8855
Hotel Website:
Conference Web Site:
Phone: Barbara Bulgarelli, 586-412-5557
Registration:  Opens February 1, 2014  Registration-Form-2014
There is no registration deadline, however on April 1st there will be a review to determine if certain classes should be cancelled and students reassigned due to under-registration.

Class List:
6.5 hours MTTF & 4 hours Sat AM  
AW001 Ulricke Voleker, Drawing Diagrams and Prickings

AP001 Lauran Sundin, Wire Bobbin Lace for Contemporary & Traditional Lace Makers – full

A101 Gilian Dye, 16th/17th Century Bobbin Lace – gold/silver edgings
A102 Jean Leader, Bedfordshire – Beginning
A103 Lia Baumeister, Schneeberger – All Levels
A104 Louise Colgan, Milanese – All Levels
A105 Susie Johnson, Withof, UFOs, Proficiencies, and Much More – All Levels
A106 Allie Marguccio, Basic Skills in Idrija Lace – Beginner/Intermediate
A107 Elizabeth Peterson, Brugge – Beginning
A108 Holly Van Sciver, Bucks Point Plus Floral Bucks & Lester, Beginning/Intermediate
A109 Karen Thompson, Ipswich – Intermediate
A110 Bobbie Donnelly, Tønder Lace – Beginning/Intermediate
A111 Brigitta Gornik, ‘s Gravenmoer – Beginning
A112 Sylvie Nguyen, Hinojosa – Beginner/Intermediate
A113 Debbie Beever, Chrysanthemum – All Levels
A114 Dagmar Machyckova, Scarf in Spania Dolina – All Levels
A115 Nancy Evans, Treasure Chest in Needlelace – Beginner/Intermediate
A116 Loretta Holzberger, Alençon – Intermediate/Advanced
A117 Nancy Nehring, Romanian Point Lace Floral Necklace – Beginner
A118 Houtz Brothers, Tatted 3-D Angel – Intermediate
A119 Galina Khmeleva, Fundamentals of Orenburg Knitting – Intermediate

P201 Gilian Dye, 16th/17th Century Bobbin Lace Linen, Edgings/Insertions – All Levels
P202 Jean Leader, Bedfordshire – Intermediate/Advanced – full
P203 Lia Baumeister, Russian Tape Lace – Intermediate/Advanced
P204 Louise Colgan, Milanese – All Levels – full
P205 Susie Johnson, Withof, UFOs, Proficiencies, and Much More – All Levels
P206 Allie Marguccio, Idrija Lace – Making Edgings & Insertions – Beginner/Intermediate
P207 Elizabeth Peterson, Brugge – Intermediate
P208 Holly Van Sciver, Interpreting Floral Bucks and Lester Lace – Intermediate – full
P209 Karen Thompson, Torchon Pattern Drafting – All Levels
P210 Bobbin Donnelly, Tønder Lace – All Levels
P211 Brigitta Gornik, Advanced ‘s Gravenmoer – Intermediate
P212 Sylvie Nguyen, Bobbin Lace – Beginning/Intermediate
P213 Debbie Beever, Bobbin Bling: Lace Metallic Thread Jewelry – Intermediate
P214 Dagmar Machyckova, Wedding Lace in Spania Dolina Technique – All Levels
P215 Nancy Evans, Clementine, A Gold Miners Daughter in Needlelace – Intermed & Adv.
P216 Loretta Holzberger, 3-D Needlelace – Beginner/Intermediate
P217 Nancy Nehring, Irish Crochet in 1900 – Intermediate
P218 Houtz Brothers, Two Shuttle Rings Tatting – Advanced
P219 Galina Khmeleva, Orenburg Lace Design Techniques – Intermediate

Wed 6 hours
W301 Ulrike Volcker, Make Some Bobbin Lace Earrings – Intermediate
W302 Gilian Dye, Bobbin Made Braids & Fringes – All Levels
W303 Jean Leader, Earrings/Necklaces in Chaos Ground – All Levels
W304 Lia Baumeister, Skane – All Levels
W305 Allie Marguccio, Mastering Your Bolster Pillow – Beginners
W306 Holly Van Sciver, Fundamental Skills in Bobbin Lace – All Levels
W307 Nancy Nehring, Lace Buttons – All Levels
W308 Galina Khmeleva,l Spinning the Orenburg Way

Wed AM
WA401 Karen Thompson, Lace Identification – All Levels

Wed PM
WP501 Nancy Evans, Padded Embellishments – All Levels

Sat AM
S601 Jean Leader, Neat Starts & Finishes – All Levels
S602 Louise Colgan, Thread Comparison – All Levels

Vendors:  To be announced

Local Tours:
Lace Museum and Lace Museum of Lace and Textiles
Old Town Sacramento
Old Sac Underground
Sacramento Historical Museum
Old Sac Walking Tour

The IOLI is by far the largest lace organization in the United States. The IOLI Mary McPeek scholarship is available to help with tuition costs, although it appears the due date of 1/1/14 for scholarship application is unfortunately past. Keep it in mind for 2015.
There is a contest associated with the convention, which will be the subject of a separate post.  This post will be updated as more information becomes available.

Print          Gold Country


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Exhibition: Spitzen: Deckchen, Borten, Ornamente – February 2 to April 21, 2014

Spitzen: Deckchen, Borten, Ornamente, Die Faszination Historischer Handarbeiten
February 2 to April 21, 2014
Location: Kreismuseum Syke
Herrlichkeit 65, 28857 Syke, Germany
Web site:
Curator: Brigitte Nicolay
Phone:  0 42 42-25 27
Hours:  Nov 1 to March 31:
Tues-Sat 14:00 to 17:00, Sunday 11:00-17:00
April 1 to October 31:
Tuesday-Friday 14:00-17:00, Saturday 14:00-18:00, Sunday 10:00-18:00
Admission Fee:  Adults 2.00 EUR, Handicapped/Students 1.00 EUR
Youth 6 to 17 years 1.00 EUR, Children under 5 free.  Group rates available.

February 2 – Opening – try tatting, Tenerife, crochet
February 16 (11:00-17:) – 3rd Textile marketplace, emphasis on lace
March 9 (15:00) Guided tour of the exhibition
March 23 – Demonstrations and activities.
A booklet has been published to accompany the exhibition.

The Kreismusem Syke is a living history museum with numerous buildings.

Spitzen_Syke   syke

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Lace Event Spain: VI Encuentro de Encajeras de Bolillo de Huércal-Overa – February 23, 2014

VI Encuentro de Encajeras de Bolillo de Huércal-Overa (Almería, Andalusia)
Asociación de Encajeras “La Cuna del Bolillo” de Huércal-Overa
La Concejalía de Cultura Huércal-Overa del Ayuntamiento de Huércal-Overa,
Date: Sunday, February 23, 2014
Time: 10:00 to 14:30
Place: Pabellón Polideportivo Municipal
Travesía Alameda, Huércal-Overa, Spain
Photos from 2013 event:
10:00 Registration and welcome breakfast
11:00 Bobbinlace demonstration
12:00 Presentation by Domingo Fernández Zurano, Alcalde de Huércal-Overa
12:30 Folk group performance
13:00 Drawing and gift presentation for participants
14:00 Buses to transport participants to the restaurant
14:30 Friendship meal at the Restaurante Club de Tenis

Registration:  Space is limited, so please submit the registration forms by Friday, February 14th. There will be limited space should the number of participants exceed 300.
Registration form 1   Registration form 2
Registration fees are 3.00 EUR per person and 14.00 EUR for the meal.

cartel-encajeras-de-bolillo_a  Huercal

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