The LaceNews Channel on YouTube – Update for August 2011

One hundred ninety-seven videos and three new playlists were added in the August update, for a current video total of 1,345 in 66 playlists.  A complete pdf of the titles in their correct order for all the playlists can be downloaded at Playlist_Aug_2011.pdf.  You can also download my original EXCEL file at Playlist_Aug_2011.xls.  The new additions are shown in red. Things are gradually settling down, the number of older videos that I missed on the first pass is getting smaller as time goes by. If you see something that is missing, or if you have suggestions for better organization, please write to

Newly added playlists include:
Fashion (2 videos)
Sweden – Museums  (2 videos)
United Kingdom – Museums (1 video)

Below I summarize  the number of new videos added to existing playlists:
Australia – Museums     17
Bobbinlace Instruction  10
Brazil Bobbinlace             6
Brazil Needlelace             1
Canada – Bobbinlace       2
Columbia – Irish Crochet   7
France – Bobbinlace        3
Ireland – Irish Crochet   6
Italy – Bobbinlace           10
Italy – Museums              4
Malta & Gozo – Bobbinlace      1
Portugal – Bobbinlace      1
Russia – Bobbinlace         11
Russia – Museums            1
Spain – Bobbinlace           93
Tatting                               11
United Kingdom – Bobbinlace    2
USA – Bobbinlace              5

Note, I split the Spain-Bobbinlace playlist into two parts since it was hitting the 200 video maximum.  I also put some of the Ireland – Irish Crochet videos into a new playlist called Columbia-Irish Crochet. Very good, all in Spanish.  I also got a lot of help from a good friend in Sweden who not only identified some Swedish videos, but also finally got the right font for Russian bobbinlace – кружево.  Many lace people know this word, but it’s not so easy to type into the computer.

Here are a few new interesting things:
– Be sure to watch Ada Pou as she is starting to come to the end of her current Catalonian Blonde piece in Spain-Bobbinlace-1 (Verge del Pilar de punta al coixí modalitat blonda catalana).  Hold your breath as she starts to cut off all those bobbins.
– There are many new interviews from the Powerhouse museum for the Love Lace exhibition.
– I’m starting to look carefully into the Brazilian song “Olé, Mulher Rendeira”. This is probably the most famous lace-related song ever, although English speakers likely have never heard of it. There are hundreds of videos, and I’m trying to find ones that specifically tie the song to bobbinlacemaking. I’ll be doing a LaceNews post on the song shortly.
– I also started a ‘Fashion’ playlist since lace in fashion has been popular for several years. This isn’t just to promote someone’s ads, but rather to track the progress of the current revival. I’m looking at some designers who started promoting it since the trend took off with Miuccia Prada’s Fall 2008 collection.
– A video is now available in several languages for the re-opening of the Burano lace museum in the Italy-Museums playlist.
– I opened a United Kingdom-Museums playlist and entered one video on the royal wedding dress display at Buckingham Palace. The video at the exhibition done with Sarah Burton on the dress construction is not publicly available.
– Some amazing sights can be seen in the Russia-Bobbinlace playlist connected with the recent Vogolda museum lace conference. 570 lacemakers all working in the square in front of the museum is a very impressive sight.  I’ll be doing a post on this event soon.

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