The LaceNews Channel on YouTube – Update for September 2011

Two hundred and six videos and two new playlists were added in the September update, for a current video total of 1,552 in 68 playlists.  A complete pdf of the titles in their correct order for all the playlists can be downloaded at Playlist_Sep_2011.  You can also download my original EXCEL file at Playlist_Sep_2011.  The new additions are shown in red. If you see something that is missing, or if you have suggestions for better organization, please write to

Newly added playlists include:
Armenia – Needlelace (1 video)
Poland – Bobbinlace  (5 videos)

Below I summarize  the number of new videos added to existing playlists:
Australia – Museums       3
Belgium – Bobbinlace        2
Bobbinlace Instruction     8
Brazil Bobbinlace             23
Brazil Needlelace               1
Croatia – Lepoglava          2
Cyprus – Lefkara              1
Czech Republic – Bobbinlace   3
Estonia – Knitted Lace     1
Fashion                               8
France – Bobbinlace          1
Ireland – Irish Crochet     4
Italy – Bobbinlace              2
Italy – Burano                    1
Italy – Museums                1
Machine Lace                     2
Russia – Bobbinlace           5
Slovakia – Bobbinlace        4
Slovenia – Bobbinlace        2
Spain – Bobbinlace – 1      40
Spain – Bobbinlace – 2      49
Switzerland – Bobbinlace   1
Tatting 1                             13
Tatting 2                               8
Tatting 3                              11
United Kingdom – Bobbinlace   3
USA – Bobbinlace                 1

Notes on the format:
I readjusted the Spanish bobbinlace playlists to get a more equal number in each.
You might note that there are some strange things in Ireland – Irish Crochet, since IC shows up in many countries. I plan to leave them there until there are enough to justify breaking off into IC in a specific country.
In the future I think I’ll leave all the updates for the month in a separate folder for a month or two as well as putting them in their proper playlists. Even with the Excel and pdf catalogs, it can still be difficult to find new videos.  Unfortunately it’s too late to do that for September.
I found new search terms for Spanish bobbinlace, Palilleiras and Encaixe, which produced a number of videos that I missed before. And I’m always picking up a few earlier ones for many subjects that didn’t make it in previous searches.

Here are a few new interesting things:
– The ‘Edwardian Farm’ videos covering Honiton Lace with Pat Perryman in period costume are now available in the United Kingdom – bobbinlace playlist.  This is well known in the UK, but this seems to be the first time we’ve had access to it in the US.
– Be sure to check out the wonderful ‘Needle lace from vakifli village’ in Armenia – Needlelace. This is the only one showing this technique that I’ve been able to find.
– The installation of the outdoor ‘Tsunami’ piece from the Love Lace exhibition is now on the Australia – Museums playlist, ‘Janet Echelman Tsunami 1.26 Installation Slideshow’
– The only folk dances using bobbinlace pillows I’ve ever seen are now in the Brazil – Bobbinlace playlist.  For example, see ‘Balé Popular,Mulher Rendeira,São João do Piaui’, and ‘Dança Mulher’, that I find just a little disturbing.
– There are now 445 videos on tatting. So how can you stand out amongst the competition? Try nonsolocrochet’s (in Tatting 3) technique – look like you aren’t wearing any clothes. Very effective, and she’s a great tatter too!

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  1. Karen Thompson says:

    Fantastic!! Thank you for assembling this list.

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