The LaceNews Channel on YouTube – Update for October 2011

One hundred eighteen videos and four new playlists were added in the October update, for a current video total of 1,670 in 73 playlists.  A complete pdf of the titles in their correct order for all the playlists can be downloaded at Playlist_Oct_2011.  You can also download my original EXCEL file at Playlist_Oct_2011.  Each of these files has three sections – first a listing of all the videos with the new additions are shown in red. Second, a list of just the new additions.  And finally, a summary of activity in each playlist by month. If you see something that is missing, or if you have suggestions for better organization, please write to

Newly added playlists include:
Brazil – Music (5 videos)
Paraguay – Embroidered Net (1 video)
Spain – Music (1 video)
USA – Music (1 video)

Below I summarize  the number of new videos added to existing playlists:
Argentina – Bobbinlace     1
Armenia – Needlelace       1
Australia – Museums       9
Belgium – Bobbinlace       2
Bobbinlace Instruction 1     4
Bobbinlace Instruction 2    4
Brazil Bobbinlace              5
Czech Republic – Bobbinlace   1
Fashion                               2
France – Museums           3
German – Bobbinlace        1
Hungary – Halas                1
Italy – Bobbinlace             10
Italy – Burano                    2
Malta & Gozo – Bobbinlace   2
Poland – Bobbinlace              4
Russia & Belarus – Bobbinlace      3
Spain – Bobbinlace – 1      6
Spain – Bobbinlace – 2      8
Spain – Museums               2
Tatting 1                              7
Tatting 2                             11
Tatting 3                              5
Turkey – Oya                      3
USA – Bobbinlace               1
USA – Museums                  1

Notes on the format:
I split the Bobbinlace Instruction playlist into two since it was exceeding the 200 video limit.   I transferred several of the Brazil – Bobbinlace videos into the new Brazil – Music playlist.
The playlist Update_October_2011, which is now the first one in the channel list, contains all the new videos added for October.  This was a request from LaceNews Channel readers. I’ll probably keep only two consecutive months of these in the future.

Here are a few new interesting things:
– I’ve change the featured video on the LaceNews Channel home page to a piece that gives an update on bobbin lacemaking in L’Aquila, two and a half years after the 2009 earthquake.
– Something a little fun, and a little risqué, the revival of the 1947 musical, La Blanca Doble, in Spain – Music.  If you are having trouble following the words, check out
– Speaking of music, I couldn’t resist putting up a good version of the Big Bopper’s Chantilly Lace in USA – Music.
– The “Halas lace and Tue Anh.mp4”  video in Hungary – Halas contains a discussion of needlelace in Vietnam. 240 villages making it? This needs serious followup,

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