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last update 4/29/2018

Comments and contributions to the LaceNews blog are most welcome. If you would like to make a contribution, please contact me directly at All contributions and comments are currently monitored, and this may change in the future if a suitable input format can be designed.

You can also tweet me on @lacenews.  Recent tweets are posted at the bottom of the righthand column of the blog, along with a follow button. The tweets are meant to be a more informal look at the behind-the-scene workings of the blog, but not so important that they warrant a formal post. It’s a chance to give the site a more personal touch.

For the LaceNews Channel, please let me know if you find any videos missing from the current playlists. They will be included in the regular monthly update. I also welcome suggestions for better organization of the playlists. Write to, or tweet, or put a comment on the LaceNews Channel page. This will also go directly to my YouTube email account.  Yes, the site is pretty far behind, but I will get around to updating it soon.

My latest venture is the LaceNews Pinterest site which is an effort to collect links to lace-related sites on the internet. This is an ambitious effort given the number of such sites, and it is hard to spot them all. Please let me know if there are things I’m missing.

Dr. Laurie Waters is a lace researcher, collector, and maker located in Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA.  I tried to retire (April 2012), but have currently gone back to work full time, which is obviously affecting my ability to keep up on LaceNews.  I’ve now had almost a year’s rest and will be resuming soon!

Some readers have also figured out that my personal email is, and that I have another seldom-read blog called “Travels with Laurie”,

You can download my CV here:  Curriculum Vitae


Note: When I had this photo taken I brought along a copy of Pietro Loronzoni’s 1775 portrait of Mozart’s mother and told the photographer I wanted the same pose. How’s that for nerve. The jacket is by Doshi. The lace is an exact duplicate of a pattern in Sessa, 1561, and was recently carbon-dated – see the article in the 2017 Nr. 2 OIDFA Bulletin.

2 Responses to Contact Information

  1. Rolf D. Fay says:

    Dear Laurie Waters,

    congratulations to the anniversary. But I am afraid your Blog seems to be somewhat confused about European politics and geography. Therefore to Europeans your differentiation of “Lace Events in Europe” does not make much sense.

    Sweden and the 3 Baltic states Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are all members of the EU. There are no Non EU Baltic states at all. Furthermore, Slovenia is also a member of the EU and has never belonged to the Soviet Union.

    By the way even the UK and Ireland are EU countries.

    Best regards

    Rolf D. Fay

  2. lacenews says:

    Hi Rolf,
    Thanks for your comment – I knew someone would catch me out on that someday. You are absolutely correct. I’ll take another look and redo the categories. I did want to try and make a few different categories, and I like keeping the English speaking countries separate – because after all, I do speak English. And there’s so much going on in the UK.
    Let me stare at this and come up with something better – I have a long holiday weekend to get it all right.

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