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Original articles written for LaceNews on various topics of interest to collectors.

Collecting: Belgian Markt Grand-Place Souvenir Stamp Sheet – released October, 2012

In 2011 Belgium started issuing commemorative stamps honoring famous places in the country. This is the second issue, depicting the market square in Brugge. The square was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Center in 2000. There are two forms of … Continue reading

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Collecting: Arts & Crafts – Lace: New Stamps from Russia – issued December 12, 2011

On 12th December 2011, Russia released four stamps titled “Arts and Crafts – lace”. The stamps are in triangular shape, arranged in sets of 4 into a square shape . I imagine that this is influenced by the new lace … Continue reading

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Collecting: Dentelle Méchanique Stamps – issued October 10, 2011

Four interesting stamps have just been released in France honoring machine-made lace. If I understand correctly, a hot glue is applied to a large piece of lace to stiffen it.  The lace is then cut into sections by hand, and … Continue reading

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Collecting: Furniture for the Lacemaker

(last update 1/18/2014 to add the Le Puy table.) Continuing with my series on objects that bear the lacemaking name but may or may not be associated with the art, I’d like to take a look at furniture. The lacemaker … Continue reading

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Collecting: Lighting for the Lacemaker

(last update 9/23/2017, updated caption on Figure 5 about the rush hutch) This is the first in a series of posts on objects associated with lacemaking even though that association might not always be defensible. My purpose is three-fold. First … Continue reading

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Collecting: Lace-Related Travel Posters

There are a number of items which promote lace as a tourism activity in general. I don’t mean advertisements from retailers, and the whole subject of postcards is a topic in itself.  This post focuses on travel posters, and hopefully … Continue reading

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Collecting: Small German Wooden Figures and the Amazing Exploding Klöppelfrau

Two lovely figures made with a lot of care. Note the headscarves, made of tissue. From Hennig Miniaturen,  Lefthand standing figure is 6 cm tall, righthand seated figure is 5 cm – very small. Generally around 3″ high, the … Continue reading

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