The LaceNews Channel on YouTube

LaceNews runs a video channel on YouTube at:
The goal of this effort is to organize all the lacemaking videos now on YouTube and put them into topic-specific playlists. The base collection was done in July 2011, and monthly updates will be provided. These updates will be posted to the main LaceNews blog, since YouTube does not have the capability to send general announcements. The updates will also be archived in “The LaceNews YouTube Channel on YouTube” category on the righthand side of the blog page.
This is an opportunity for LaceNews to go more into lacemaking techniques, since so many of the videos have that focus. I also have a few old movies that I’ve purchased over the years and will be getting those digitized and downloaded. I will also be trying to do more in-person interviews in the future, and this is a very good place to display that kind of information.
The current list of all videos as they are organized in their playlists can be downloaded here: Playlist_Mar_2012 (pdf file).  Videos added in the latest update are always shown in red. Detailed notes on the latest update can be found at

7/14/2013  Yes, I am very much behind on this activity, but plan on catching up soon.  Forced confinement to my computer chair because of upcoming shoulder surgery will be a great inspiration.

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