Note from LaceNews

LaceNews has been up for nearly a week – 24 posts, 578 hits as of today.  Thanks to everyone for their support!

People certainly have noticed the large number of posts on Lace Days in the UK. Obviously the Lace Day is an institution in the UK with a well defined form successful for many years.  There seem to be at least 10 going each month (I know of at least 15 for October).  In the future I’ll post all known Lace Days in the UK at the beginning of the month in which they will be held.  Additional announcements are welcome at any time, but the bulk will occur at the beginning of each month. I’ve got many inquiries out to the US and other countries for similar information.

In another attempt at organization, Ebay alerts will occur each Thursday and Sunday. Of course if anything really interesting comes up, special posts will be made.

Several interesting interviews with lace people are in progress, and various internet sites will be highlighted soon.  The lace photo in the header of the site will also be changed monthly. Stay tuned!


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