Ebay Alerts! Three Pieces – October 7, 2010

http://tinyurl.com/23t9r38 1850s Point de Gaze LACE Bridal Veil ~ Museum Piece
Starting price:
$100.00 with reserve.
Auction ends: Oct 13, 2010 15:59:01 PDT
Offered by: Ebay seller vintageblessings, Beautiful Star, Idaho, USA
Comments: Well, it’s big.

$1,026.99, reserve not met, 6 bidders.

Current offer:
$175.00 no bids
Auction ends: Oct 13, 2010 13:01:44 PDT
Offered by: Paivi Roberts, Ebay seller greatlace, Paris and Palm Beach
Comments: Nice, long French needlelace lappets, brides boucles. Good, not terribly innovative. Squared ends unusual for a meshed lace. Very good condition, a nice basic collectible. I’m surprised there isn’t a reserve.

Sold for $355.00.  (very nice price!)

http://tinyurl.com/24v8nwd 3 Beautiful Vintage Tenerife Lace Table Doilies
Current offer:
$22.99 buy-it-now
Offered by: Ebay seller cork123, Cleveland, Ohio
Comments: Drawnwork and needlewoven squares, nicely worked in very fine linen. These small excellent pieces come up now and then, probably early 20th century, perhaps Mexican.  They are some of the best examples available at reasonable prices.

Sold for $22.99

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