Lace for Sale: Stella

Maria Niforos has just started a new web site for lace sales at The name is a tribute to her mother.
This does not replace her current site, That site will now specialize in larger pieces that need more complex presentation under the direction of her son Daniel.  Stella has a simple posting method that will let Maria put up photos of her stock as soon as they are taken – very useful when she is traveling.

I took a short tour of the new site. It is a bit of a work in progress, and one must be careful to investigate all the various categories.  Be sure to click on ‘Older Posts’ at the bottom of the first page. Both lace and various textiles are offered, although lace certainly predominates. Some are labeled with prices which seem quite reasonable (the prices are in dollars, but it would help to have a dollar sign in front of the amounts – foreign viewers will be left wondering what the currency should be). The rarer items have a ‘Price on Application’ label. It would also be convenient if there were a clickable email address on each page to help the customer ask questions without having to hunt for an address.

In contrast to the other site, all photos of a piece are put up sequentially on the same page. There is no second page that must be opened to get the details. There is a very lengthy ‘archive’ category, where you can look longingly at all the things you missed in your lace collecting career – quite a lengthy list. One thing I find difficult with Maria’s older site is that sold items remain in view constantly, and one must search diligently for things that are still for sale.  Here’s hoping that sold items can migrate to the archive page promptly. It is also a bit difficult on the older site to find the really old pieces – here the presentation is quite straightforward. Lots of wonderful Gros Point is the first thing you see.

I’m always impressed with Maria’s offerings, and here’s hoping Stella will help her bring things to the market quickly and efficiently.

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