The LaceNews Channel on YouTube – Update 7/31/11

I’ve finished the first pass at collecting lace-related videos on YouTube ( Currently there are 1,054 videos organized into 56 playlists.  Within each playlist, the first sort is done on the YouTube member name that posted the piece (alphabetically). The second sort is on date of posting, with earliest first.  The third sort is on title (alphabetically), since many people post more than one on the same day.

The playlists are mainly organized by country, and then by technique (bobbinlace, needlelace, etc). In cases where a specific country is difficult to identify (netting, tatting, etc.) I list these subjects in their own playlists.  Bobbinlace Instruction is also a separate category, done without regard to country of origin, and I list this one first due to the importance to the lacemaking community.

YouTube makes it very difficult to alphabetize playlists – you can only do this with the first twelve.  I have some PHP code  that I will try to implement to get the rest alphabetized, but it’s going to take some study to understand it how it all fits together. Lots of people on YouTube complain about this.

I will keep searching for past videos, and would appreciate suggestions for additions. It’s easy to miss them, I found 11 more Spanish bobbinlace videos just today. But mainly I will do an update at the end of every month. July will take some time since I have to play a bit with keyword searches to try and catch everything.

I have a complete catalog of all the videos in each playlist in an PDF file, which you can download here: Playlist. I will post a new one each time I do the monthly scan.

Please send comments and suggestions to Thanks!

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1 Response to The LaceNews Channel on YouTube – Update 7/31/11

  1. Helene Gannac says:

    Wow, what a lot of work!!! Thanks for making it so much easier for all of us, and making us aware of all those wonderful videos.

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