The LaceNews Channel on YouTube – Update for July 2011

This is the first monthly update for the LaceNews Channel,  Ninety-five videos and four new playlists were added in the July search, for a current total of 1,148.  A complete pdf of the titles in their correct order for all the playlists can be downloaded at July_2011_playlist. Let me know if you would like the original MS EXCEL file.  The new additions are shown in red. Many of the new additions were first posted in July, but I am still discovering older videos which are also added in. If you see something that is missing, or if you have suggestions for better organization, please write to

Newly added playlists include:
Estonia – Knitted Lace (13 videos)
Italy – Orvietto Crochet  (1 video)
Russia – Orenburg Lace Knitting  (11 videos)
United Kingdom – Shetland Lace   (4 videos)

Below I summarize  the number of new videos added to existing playlists:
Australia – Museums   1
Belgium – Bobbinlace   1
Brazil – Bobbinlace       3
Brazil – Needlelace       1
Croatia – Lepoglava      2
France – Bobbinlace      2
Malta and Gozo – Bobbinlace   2
Slovenia – Bobbinlace   1
Spain – Bobbinlace       34  (I’m now searching on ‘Puntaire’ – lots of results)
Sri Lanka – Bobbinlace   1
3 Tatting playlists    17
USA – Bobbinlace    1

I’m trying to get the help of the tatting community to better organize all the tatting videos.
I would also suggest that people look at the videos on Spanish Bobbinlace under the name ‘minairecatala’, which show the remarkable work of lacemaker Aida Pou. Her Catalonian Blondes are amazing.  See, for example,

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1 Response to The LaceNews Channel on YouTube – Update for July 2011

  1. Pamela says:

    May I have the MS EXCEL file, please.
    Thank you for the classification of the Spanish items.
    Thank you also for the general work you do in keeping the lace community in touch with what is happening on ebay. Even if I may not be interested in buying, it is interesting to see what is available on he market, and also to see very interesting illustrations oh historic lace.

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