Additional Ebay Alert item for October 9, 2011 Fabulous Antique Handmade Needle Lace Flounce
Size: 16″ x 128″
Starting price: 9.99 GBP
Auction ends: Oct 12, 2011 12:00:51 PDT
Offered by: Ebay seller baraud, Newton Abbot, United Kingdom
Comments: Apologies, my Ebay automatic watch list notification failed over the past few days and I missed this important piece. It is a wide Point de Gaze flounce. Note the pointed raised petals on the roses, with clothwork including small window patterns. A sign of a superior manufacturer. Good and varied fillings are present throughout the elaborate border. The design is of naturalistic flowers and leaves, with sprays of small leaves in the upper ground. The piece is in overall good condition with scattered tiny holes in the net throughout. Some repair has been attempted. The seller says the piece has been ‘given a gentle wash’. It does appear slightly wrinkled, and I can’t tell the color. It would certainly improve with the attention of a trained conservator.
Note, this appears to be another part of the piece offered on Ebay as #260802166693 last June (   The length is different.

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