Lace Exhibition: 25th Anniversary activities of the Association Jurassienne des Dentellières

Les grottes font Dans la Dentelle – Art Dentelliere dans les grottes de Réclère
Dates: April 16, 2011 to October 31, 2011
Sponsor: Association Jurassienne des Dentellières
Location:  Les Grottes de Réclère, Switzerland. Near the French/Swiss border, at the D 425 road Pruntrut-Besançon. East of Porrentruy, 2km SW of Réclère and 14km WSW of Porrentruy.  See
Web site
Hours: May, June, Sept, Oct 11:30, 14:30 July, August and Sundays 11.30, 14.30 16.30
Group reservations at

This exhibition is over as of the publication of this post, however it is so interesting that I’ll put it up for the archives.  This is one of the activities sponsored by the Association Jurassienne des Dentellières in honor of their 25th anniversary.  The concept is wonderful, and just might inspire other groups with nearby natural scenarios (e.g., Carlsbad Caverns as a suggestion to lacemakers in my area).

Other activities of the Fédération des Dentellières Suisses (also unfortunately over) include:

Dentelles & Ornements, Cheveux-Crin-Paille-Or
Dates: June 18, to September 4, 2011
Sponsor: Association Jurassienne des Dentellières
Location:  Musée de l’Hôtel-Dieu
Grand-Rue 5, CH – 2900 Porrentruy (Suisse)
Tél. ++41 32 466 72 72
Web site
Hours: Du mardi au vendredi : le matin de 8h30 à 11h30
Mardi et jeudi : l’après-midi de 13h30 à 17 heures.

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