The LaceNews Channel on YouTube – Update for November 2011

One hundred thirty three videos and eight more playlists were added in the November 2011 update. Ten previously listed videos are no longer available. That brings the current video total of 1,793 in 81 playlists.  The sorting convention for playlist videos is first by post author, then by date, then alphabetically by title. A pdf of all videos in their sorted order for each playlist can be downloaded at Playlist_Nov_2011.  You can also download my original EXCEL file at Playlist_Nov_2011.  These files have three sections – first a listing of all the videos in their sorted order with the new additions shown in red. Deletions are shown in green (see the discussion below). Second, a list of just the new additions.  Finally, there is a summary of activity in each playlist by month. If you see something that is missing, or if you have suggestions for better organization, please write to

The playlist Update_November_2011, which is now the first one in the channel list in the old YouTube format, contains all the new videos added for November. The order is the same as in the pdf file. The Update_October_2011 is still there, and in the future I will only keep two months of these summary playlists.

YouTube has just updated their format, again, without telling anyone beforehand, and there is a serious bug in playlist management. Normally you can add, delete, and move videos around in a playlist, then save the result. Videos are sometimes deleted outside of the playlist owner’s control, such as when an account is canceled or when the owner wants only private access. The bug is that if the playlist contains any of the externally deleted videos, the save function will not work.  Below you can see that I’m starting to keep track of externally deleted videos – these will be retained in the accounting summaries with the titles changed to green, but will not be counted in the final totals. Any playlist that has externally deleted videos for November will not be properly updated with the new additions. They will be at the end of the playlist, but not sorted in their proper order. YouTube is working on a fix for this, but who knows when that will be available.

There is also a new Channel format on YouTube that isn’t too user friendly.  If you have come across this, be sure to click on the ‘Videos’ tab at the upper left to see the playlists.  ‘Feed’ is the default, and is useless for an effort like LaceNews, but I don’t know how to change the default. The ordering of the playlists is now even worse than it was before, with the only choices being date created from earliest to latest, or vice versa. In the old format at least you had some control for the first 12 playlists. Even alphabetically would be some help, but it’s not an option.

Newly added playlists include:

Belgium – Lierse Kant (2 videos)
Brazil – Embroidered Net (1 video)
China – Machine Lace (1 video)
Drawnwork (19 videos)
Norway – Hardanger (7 videos)
Tatting 4 (25 videos transferred from Tatting 3)
Ukraine – Bobbinlace (2 videos)
Ukraine – Irish Crochet (1 video)

Below I summarize the number of new videos added to existing playlists. In parentheses, I am also adding the number of videos in a playlist that were deleted outside of my control during the month.

Australia – Museums           2 (1)
Belgium – Bobbinlace           2
Bobbinlace Instruction 1      1
Bobbinlace Instruction 2    16 (1)
Brazil – Bobbinlace                8 (3)
Brazil – Needlelace                1
Croatia – Hvar                       1
Cyprus – Lefkara                  1
France – Bobbinlace             1
France – Needlelace             1
Germany – Bobbinlace         5
Hungary – Halas                   2
Ireland – Irish Crochet        1
Italy – Bobbinlace                 3 (1)
Italy – Burano                       2
Italy – Museums                  3 (1)
Russia & Belarus – Bobbinlace   2
Spain – Bobbinlace 1            6
Spain – Bobbinlace 2            2 (1)
Spain – Music                        1
Sweden – Bobbinlace          1
Tatting 1                                3 (1)
Tatting 2                                5 (1)
Tatting 3                               24
Teneriffe                                1
The Netherlands – Bobbinlace   2
United Kingdom – Bobbinlace    3

Notes on the format:
I added a 4th tatting playlist because the third one was getting too big. I transferred 25 videos from Tatting 3 to the new Tatting 4 playlist. In the future I’m considering creating a separate playlist for needle tatting – currently these are mixed in with shuttle tatting.
I renamed the ‘Embroidered Net’ playlist to ‘Spain – Embroidered Net’, because the only video was for the Spanish Punto de Borracho.

Here are a few new interesting things:
– I’ve changed the featured video on the LaceNews Channel home page to a piece that gives a silent film from Vadstena, Sweden, probably made in the early 1940s.
– I’ve finally found one video from China which appears to be an advertisement for some machine laces and created a new playlist. Not much, but it’s a start.
– The ‘Nancy Today’ videos can get a little tedious, but she has one called ‘Nancy Today: How to hold short broken bobblin lace threads’ that is interesting. It’s in Bobbinlace Instruction 2.
– In my continuing effort to get some recognition for Mexican drawnwork, I’ve created a new Drawnwork playlist.  In the process I found one drawnwork video from the Canary Islands, and added it to the Teneriffe playlist.
– Check out the wonderful traditional metallic bobbinlace cap in ‘Vera Rieger aus Allensbach klöppelte in sechs Wochen ihre Trachtenhaube’, in Germay-Bobbinlace. Allensbach is in Germany, but she is using a Swiss flat pillow with movable center blocks. But then Allensbach is also very close to the Swiss border.

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1 Response to The LaceNews Channel on YouTube – Update for November 2011

  1. lacenews says:

    The YouTube playlist editing bug was fixed on Nov 6th. All videos in all playlists are now in their proper sequence.

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