Lace Event Calendars

I’ve finally settled on a format for summarizing all the various lace events each month. Click on “Lace Event Calendars” at the bottom of the black banner header, in the middle, just under the Lace of the Month photo. One full year of monthly calendar icons will always be present for the current year, older items will be archived only with pointers.

Clicking on a particular calendar or pointer will bring up a pdf file for that month. Items listed on the calendar will direct you to the LaceNews post for that event. At the suggestion of a LaceNews reader I’ve changed the country color coding to simply adding a 2 character country code after each event. Click here to download a list of Country_Codes.

If there is no pointer associated with an event, it means that I know it is happening, but can’t find enough details for a formal post. Or it is included as a past event for information only. Most likely, I just haven’t gotten around to doing the event post yet.  Nothing is really official until the actual LaceNews post for an event is up.

I have investigated doing this through the attachable GOOGLE calendars, however the current version of WordPress that I am using does not support this plugin. This may change in the future.  At the moment the calendars are all pdfs constructed from the original MS Word files.

Readers might not be familiar with the word ‘Couvige’ found in some of the French events. Here’s a short explanation that I found on the web. “The word “Couvige” comes from the Latin word Cum Vicinus that means « between neighbours ». It was invented many centuries ago in the region of Velay, by and for all lace-makers.” It is now  used to indicate a lace meeting of a few days length.

If you would like an event listed, send a note to


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