The LaceNews Channel on YouTube – Update for January 2012

One hundred fifty-seven videos and two more playlists were added in the January 2012 update. Eighteen previously listed videos are no longer available. That brings the current video total to 2,056 in 86 playlists.  The sorting convention for playlist videos is first by post author, then by date, then alphabetically by title. An exception is the Fashion playlist, which is only sorted by date. A pdf of all videos in their sorted order for each playlist can be downloaded at Playlist_Jan_2012.  If  you are into playing with databases, you can also download my original EXCEL file at Playlist_Jan_2012.  These files have three sections – first a listing of all the videos in their sorted order with the new additions shown in red. Deletions are shown in green (the author can delete a post, declare it private, or an account can close). Second, a list of just the new additions.  Finally, there is a summary of activity in each playlist by month.

The playlist Update_January_2012, which is now the first one in the channel list in the old YouTube format, contains all the new videos added for December. The order is the same as in the pdf file. The Update_December_2011 playlist is still there, and the Update_November_2011 playlist has been deleted. Videos being collected for the February update are in the playlist Z-Update.

If you see something that is missing, or if you have suggestions for better organization, please write to

Newly added playlists include:
Africa – Lace (2 videos)
USA – Machine (8 videos)

New videos added to the collection:
Below I summarize the number of new videos added to existing playlists. In parentheses, I am also adding the number of videos in a playlist that were deleted outside of my control during the month. Note, I don’t always check every playlist for deletions with each monthly update – usually just the ones that have new additions.

Bobbinlace Instruction 2     2
Australia – Museums           1
Belgium – Bobbinlace          2   (1)
Belgium – Museums             1
Brazil – Bobbinlace                1
Brazil – Needlelace              10
Croatia – Pag, Hvar, Lepoglava    1
Cyprus – Lefkaritika             1
Czech Republic – Bobbinlace   21
Fashion                                    4   (1)
France – Needlelace               1
Germany – Bobbinlace           2
Hungary – Halas                     7
Ireland – Irish Crochet          1
Ireland – Museums                5
Italy – Bobbinlace                 11
Italy – Burano                         1
Italy – Museums and Exhibitions       4
Italy – Puncetto                      1   (1)
Norway – Hardanger             7
Paraguay – Nanduti               1
Puerto Rico – Bobbinlace      2
Romanian Point Needlelace        5
Russia – Museums                 1
Slovenia – Bobbinlace             1
Spain – Bobbinlace 1               3 (1)
Spain – Bobbinlace 2              2 (13)
Spain – Music                          1
Tatting 1                                 17 (1)
Tatting 2                                  9
Tatting 3                                 11 (1)
United Kingdom – Bobbinlace        1
United Kingdom – Museums          3
USA – Bobbinlace                     2
USA – Museums                       1
USA – Music                              3

Notes on the format:
No changes.

Here are a few new interesting things:
– I’ve changed the featured video on the LaceNews Channel home page to a piece on Brazilian lacemakers exhibiting at the Santa Fe Folk Art Market, sponsored yearly by the International Folk Art Museum. They primarily make a drawnwork fabric deriving from Teneriffe and related Spanish Sol laces. I see them there every year.
– The new African category shows 2 videos with broadly interpreted ‘lace’ from a recent exhibition.
– Lots of updates to Halas lace in anticipation of the upcoming Halas Lace Festival starting in April.
– Two nice Puerto Rican bobbinlace entries – haven’t seen much from them lately.
– I collected 8 videos photographing the abandoned Scranton Lace factory in Pennsylvania. One is from Hillary Rodham Clinton whose father worked there when she was growing up. (She’s the US Secretary of State, and came close to running for President).
– Put up 3 videos on the rather haunting song ‘Tatted Lace’ in USA – Music.  See the lyrics at

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