Lace Event Germany: 30th Klöppelspitzen-Kongress – April 13th to April 15th, 2012

The 30th Annual Klöpplespitzen-Kongress
Sponser: The Deutscher Klöppelverband e.V.
Date: April 13-15 2012
Place: Annaberg-Buchholz, Germany
Deutscher Klöppelverband e.V.
Schloss Zweibrüggen
Zweibrüggen 40
D-52531 Übach-Palenberg
Tel: +49 (2451) 499 85 (8:00 AM – noon, Mon-Fri)
Fax: +49 (2451) 499 86

The Klöppelspitzen Kongress has been a fixture for years. This year’s events will be held in Annaberg-Bucholz in the Erzgebirge, Germany. This town has an important lace museum, and in the 16th century was associated with the famous Barbara Uthmann.

Workshops will be held before the main Congress, and were announced in the 2011 Issue #3 of “Die Spitze” (published in mid December).   Subscribers to Die Spitze have first preference for classes, and at this time class registration forms can be found only in the 2011/3 issue of Die Spitze. Class participants must also take part in the Congress.
Click here for the workshop class list and registration form. Note, deadline for registration is January 31, 2012:

There are several exhibitions and talks associated with the Congress itself. A full agenda of events will be published in Die Spitze Issue #1, 2012, which will arrive late March to early April. One exhibition is on the theme of this year’s Congress, “Duchesse Spitze”.  Works from classes held during the year will also be be shown, including a special one from the group working mainly contemporary lace called “Spitzenschnitte – Lace cuts”. In this exhibition as in the one about the “Color Violet”,  guided tours will be held in which visitors will be told what was done and why, and how other lacemakers can also attempt these works. Ilske Thomsen will do these tours in German and English for foreign visitors.
A festive evening will be held for registered persons only.  Talks and exhibitions are opened to everyone.
The Congress registration form can be downloaded at

Thanks to Ilske Thomsen for this information, and more will be posted when available.

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