Special Ebay Alert! Point de Sedan Needlelace Lappets, early 18th c

Size: 3″ at ends, 4″ at join.  45″ total length
Current offer:
$45.99 with reserve
Auction ends: Mar 02, 2013 17:34:25 PST
Offered by: Ebay seller greatlace, Palm Beach, Florida, United States
Comments: This is the third Special Ebay Alert I’ve ever posted, and I do this only for truly exceptional pieces. And this piece (on the left below) is exceptional for two reasons. First it is a Point de Sedan lappet set, and this is a rare lace. Aside for some staining which could be removed by proper washing, it is in very good condition.
I’ve written extensively about Sedan at http://tinyurl.com/bewrwkj. What we call Sedan today has a very recognizable style, not quite Alençon, not quite the early Flemish flat grounded laces, with a rather crowded design (see http://tinyurl.com/avwodkp for another example). Thread quality ranges from a little uneven to exceptionally fine. And even though this piece was only posted yesterday, I’ve had years to think about it. Because the second reason this piece is amazing is that I have an exact duplicate of these lappets in my own collection (righthand photo below).  Occasionally you see this in early 18thc laces – there’s a notable early Devonshire lappet design that I’ve seen in 5 different collections. But for needlelace it is exceptionally rare. These laces are telling me something important. I’m just not quite sure what it is yet.

221192317150   early_alencon_lappets   Sold for $800.00, 1 bidder.

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1 Response to Special Ebay Alert! Point de Sedan Needlelace Lappets, early 18th c

  1. Dino says:

    Very energetic article, I enjoyed that bit.
    Will there be a part 2?

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