Ebay Alerts! Fifteen items – June 13, 2013

http://tinyurl.com/jvn5uwk Early Antique Baby’s Cap or “Biggin” -Handmade Hollie Point Lace
http://tinyurl.com/lcsxufm Early Antique Handmade Hollie Point Lace-Baby’s Collar/Bib

http://tinyurl.com/kjl9arm Pair of Early Antique Handmade Lace Sleeves
Size: cap: photographed on a doll with head circumference of 14″
collar: back of neck to front ~10.5″
sleeves: 3-3/8″ x 8″
Starting Price: all start at 9.99 GBP
Auction ends: Jun 13, 2013 12:00:43 PDT, Jun 13, 2013 12:04:47 PDT
Jun 13, 2013 12:10:13 PDT
Offered by: Ebay seller baraud, Newton Abbot, United Kingdom
Comments:  Hollie point is an English knotted needlelace (although some later examples appear to play with twisted stitches) dating from the 18th to early 19th centuries. It was usually used in baby clothes and normally done as a domestic art. If the three items in this set go together, they appears to be a mid 18th c date from the cinq trou Valenciennes edge to the sleeves.  This would also be consistent with the vertical piece below the roundel on the cap, which is a mid 18th c development. The patterns in Hollie point are line-drawn images, normally of flowers. Some documentation with these pieces indicates a tree-of-life and flower pot of the annunciation pattern.   Looks in very good condition considering the age.

310683785232   310683787437   310683789866
Cap sold for 342.08 GBP, 7 bidders.
Collar sold for 148.64 GBP, 7 bidders.
Sleeves sold for 130.99 GBP, 4 bidders.

http://tinyurl.com/k6kl2de exceptional design antique bedfordshire? lace fischu/collar roccoco type motifs.
Size: not given
Starting Price: 15.00 GBP
Auction ends: Jun 15, 2013 10:46:42 PDT
Offered by: Ebay seller reddolly123, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Comments:  A shoulder cape with collar, sometimes called a pelerine of a good quality guipure lace.  Note the complex ground and various motifs with a point ground background in some cartouches. The design is a little atypical for Beds, so I’m thinking it might be a Le Puy variation. Russia is also a possibility. There are a few holes and broken brides and some marks on the collar.  Basically good condition.

350811174141   350811174141a   Sold for 34.00 GBP, 4 bidders.

http://tinyurl.com/onwp4um Antique Ladies Hankie Exquisite Hand Worked Lace Sheer Linen Center
Size: 13″ square
Starting Price: $0.99
Auction ends: Jun 15, 2013 17:28:11 PDT
Offered by: Ebay seller nutting13, Livonia, New York, United States
Comments:  A Bruges bloemwerk handkerchief. Tightly woven motifs with simple unpicoted bride ground. A few small frayed spots, minor. Overall very good condition.

360670031749   Sold for $30.99, 10 bidders.

http://tinyurl.com/qhzx6hc ANTIQUE CREAM BRUSSELS POINT DE GAZE NEEDLELACE ca. 1880
Size: 3-1/8″ x 74″ (with heading)
Starting Price: $125.00
Auction ends: Jun 16, 2013 07:19:22 PDT
Offered by: Ebay seller palexpo, Steinhausen, Switzerland
Comments:  A narrow Pint de Gaze border, no raised work. Some nice decorative ‘mode’ fillings and a good design that fills the space well. A few trivial pinholes, overall very good condition.

111091138371   No bids.

http://tinyurl.com/omj2ktc ANTIQUE LACE-CIRCA 1700’s,BRUSSELS BOBBIN LACE LAPPET
Size: ~4″ x 46″
Starting Price: $595.00
Auction ends: Jun 16, 2013 10:26:07 PDT
Offered by: Ebay seller mithya, Irvington, New York, United States
Comments:  A lappet set which I assume are joined at the tops. The lace is a Brussels bobbinlace with bride ground, around 1720. The design in the two lappets is roughly mirror symmetric although many of the motifs don’t match well, especially toward the presumed join. There’s also a later 19th c picoted edge – it was not unusual to add this to liven up older laces. But it does make it difficult to get a good look at the original edges. The design is also a little off, especially at the very ends whee it’s hard to determine the pattern. Question is, is this an original older set or has it been assembled from something else.  What looks moderately good at the ends starts to look questionable farther up, but I’d say the jury’s out on this one.  A few minor holes, basically very good condition.

151062054824   No bids.

http://tinyurl.com/oo7beks ANTIQUE LACE-C. 1700,RARE LACE CAPBACK W/BIRD,BUTTERFLY
Size: not given
Starting Price: $695.00
Auction ends: Jun 16, 2013 10:27:45 PDT
Offered by: Ebay seller mithya, Irvington, New York, United States
Comments:  A cap back of Brussels bobbinlace with droschel ground, with the slightly larger motifs typical of the 1740’s.  Figural elements in this kind of lace come up occasional but rarely in a piece like this.  Well done tight weaving with both droschel and bride elements. A few minor holes and stains which would come out with an appropriate wash, basically good condition.

151062055521   No bids.

http://tinyurl.com/pxufp8p ANTIQUE 19th century HAND MADE BRUSSELS DUCHESSE LACE & MOTHER OF PEARL FAN A/F
Size: 10-7/16″ long, 18.5″ wide
Starting Price: 0.99 GBP
Auction ends: Jun 16, 2013 11:20:01 PDT
Offered by: Ebay seller jsc1998, North Walsham, United Kingdom
Comments:  A Duchesse de Bruxelles fan with three large Point de Gaze inserts. Raised petal roses, overall a standard Duchesse design. The lace, even the Point de Gaze net is intact, but has some condition problems at the lower edge. Someone seems to have tried to fix with red sealing wax. Don’t know if that would come off. One rib is broken.  Overall good condition.

190853667323   Sold for 62.00 GBP, 16 bidders.

http://tinyurl.com/omc9aor ANTIQUE LACE-CIRCA 1700″S EARLY BOBBIN LACE CAPBACK
Size: not given
Starting Price: $495.00
Auction ends: Jun 16, 2013 16:12:07 PDT
Offered by: Ebay seller mithya, Irvington, New York, United States
Comments:  A Mechlin cap back, dates from the 1740’s. Very unusual to see Mechlin this wide – normally pieces like this were made in two parts joined down the middle. It is very well done with good quatrefoil fillings.  A few minor holes pushes the condition down to good.  This is a very rare piece, beautifully done.

151062215822   Sold for $495.00, 1 bidder.

Size: 24″ x 112″
Starting Price: $39.95
Auction ends: Jun 16, 2013 19:40:36 PDT
Offered by: Ebay seller getreadygo2, Glenview NAS, Illinois, United States
Comments:  A rectangular shawl of Brussels bobbinlace application on machine net. There are a few simple needlelace fillings, and extensive esprits in the ground. As with most of these pieces, the design focus is at the ends with foliate patterns. I’m not sure what the flowerhead is, perhaps a thistle?  The work is good although a little simple in design, perhaps a later 19th c piece. Overall condition looks very good, just a few pinholes and some faint storage spots.

200931973126   Sold for $222.50, 6 bidders.

http://tinyurl.com/oey4579 Antique French Valenciennce Lace & Linen Wedding Handkerchief 1800’s Rare
Size: 24″ x 112″
Starting Price: $99.00
Auction ends: Jun 17, 2013 06:23:26 PDT
Offered by: Ebay seller judykahooti, Holyoke, Massachusetts, United States
Comments:  An embroidered net handkerchief with a very dense design. Possibly Irish with the harp designs and all the little shamrock-like trefoils.  I thought it might be tambour, but looking closely it almost looks like needlerun with a very thick thread.  Would need to study it a bit more.  I find the design quite effective.  There are a few separations from the linen and some stains in the cloth – seller indicates that it was washed. Basically good condition.

271220868188   No bids.

http://tinyurl.com/no6s5td Antique Lace Genoese Bobbin Handmade Vintage 17th Century Early Rare
Size: 4″ x 25″
Starting Price: $295.00 Buy-it-Now
Auction ends: Jun 17, 2013 06:33:02 PDT
Offered by: Ebay seller judykahooti, Holyoke, Massachusetts, United States
Comments:  Hmmm.   There are many Genoese elements here, but a few things bother me. It has a straight lower edge (in the photo), which is inconsistent with the scalloped form seen in most Genoese laces.  And that lower edge is continuous all along the length of the piece, which is a little strange.  The rosettes of woven leaves, at least in the part along the lower edge are a little more elaborate than normally seen. And while the tape parts are tight in some places they are a bit loose in others. Still, many Genoese elements are there, and the weaving has that tight early patina. But if it is an early 17th c piece it is atypical. Looks in very good condition, wish there were more.

300907452705   No bids.

http://tinyurl.com/ncwdecm Antique/vintage tambour lace hat veil
Size: 12.5″ x 36″
Starting Price: $4.95
Auction ends: Jun 17, 2013 10:32:27 PDT
Offered by: Ebay seller derbeatle, Cheltenham, United Kingdom
Comments:  A semi-circular hat veil of tambour embroidery on machine net.  Good small motifs with delicate work around the edge.  A few pinholes, but overall very good condition.

330938100849   Sold for 10.50 GBP, 2 bidders.

http://tinyurl.com/m93bcy6 Antique 19th century silk Maltese lace collar handmade
Size: 14 cm wide, 42 cm across laid flat
Starting Price: 19.95 GBP Buy-it-Now
Auction ends: Jun 17, 2013 11:50:05 PDT
Offered by: Ebay seller cottoncow11, Worthing, United Kingdom
Comments:  An interesting Maltese collar with good guipure work all over.  Note the latticework of woven leaf flowers in the body of the piece. Seller cites some repairs around the neckline. Overall good condition.

380644491830   Sold for 19.95 GBP, Buy-it-Now exercised.

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