Lace Event Slovenia: 51st Lace Days in Železniki – July 18-21, 2013

51st Lace Days in Železniki, Slovenia
Sponsors:  Tourist Office, Železniki
Date: Thursday July 18 to Sunday July 21, 2013
Phone: +386(0)31 876 535

Events take place in several locations around the town, including the Železniki museum, the Cultural Center, the Church of St. Anthony, and others.

The program of this event is given on the website, but the translation from Slovenian is rather difficult for me. Perhaps a knowledgeable reader can provide some clarification.
I can make out events such as:

  • Lacemaking demonstrations
  • OIDFA exhibition of “Plants of Slovenia in Lace”
  • Exhibitions of the work of students from the Železniki Lace School
  • Lace exhibition from Lepoglava in Croatia
  • Bobbin lace ecclesiastical heritage
  • Fashion show by designers Globočnik Nečemer and Anice Rakovec
  • Many other events unrelated to lacemaking will take place, including various sports competitions, and exhibitions of ironwork, for which this region is famous.  (one of the lines in the program translates something like ‘Slovenian competition for children and adults in bobbinlace before the blast furnaces.)
    There is an award called ‘gold lace’ which seems to be given for several activities


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