Administrative: LaceNews on Pinterest

In the past few days I’ve been exploring Pinterest to see what value this  might add to the LaceNews resources.  I’ve recently been working with a software engineer to help get my website up and running, and he suggested I look into this.

This is not something I want to do just because it is becoming popular – but I think there is a role it can play. I have never had a list of ‘links’ on LaceNews, pointers to other interesting lace sites, mainly because these are a bit difficult to maintain. While many sites are around for years, others lack permanence and may change names or just disappear. It looks like Pinterest can act as a set of links, but also with a descriptive photo, a brief explanation, and the ability for users to comment or send the link elsewhere. Whatever is being pinned now looks a little more like an advertisement than just a pointer to another website.

Once a pin is made it will also be announced on the LaceNews Twitter site, which is fast becoming a place where an immediate list of LaceNews activities across different social media can be maintained.

What happens when a pinned link disappears isn’t quite clear yet, but it does seem a little easier to maintain. Unfortunately not all sites can be pinned if they do not have an appropriate graphic, but if you search around a while, you can usually find another site that refers to the one you really want which can be pinned, and a pointer to the original site described in the Pinterest writeup. It is also difficult to order the pins in a board; the one you pin most recently is always the first one in the list.

I’ve set up a LaceNews Pinterest site with a number of subcategories, which are called ‘boards’, at Boards currently established include:

Lace Related Events
Lace Dealers
Lace Museums
Lace Exhibitions
Lace Organizations, several boards organized by country
Informational sites and blogs  (general information)
Individual Lacemaker Websites (for artists discussing their own work)
Lace Discussion Groups
Professional Lacemakers  (for organizations that actually make lace for a living)
Lacemaking Instruction (teaching sites)
Lace Periodicals (magazines and newsletters, primarily published by lace organizations)
Lace Equipment and Book Suppliers
Lace Software  (there’s more out there than you  might think)
Lace Fashion
Machine-made Lace
Lacemakers in Art  (paintings, drawings, etc.)
Lace Monuments  (celebrating the lacemaker in public art)

I also added one more, “Ebay Alert choices”.  After all the auctions end for items in a particular Ebay Alert, I’ll post my favorite lace for that particular alert.

If you do not have a Pinterest account,  you can still see the boards. If you do, you can follow the entire site, or just those for a particular board.  Clicking on a board brings up all the pins in that category, and clicking on the image for a particular pin brings up a more detailed page. One more click on that page takes you to the original website the pin was made from.

Unfortunately you can’t pin something from another Pinterest site, however I can follow other sites within Pinterest. On the web page just above the various boards at the right you can click on sites that I am following, they are all related to lace.  62 of them as of this writing.

I don’t know if this will entirely replace a simple ‘link’ page, but it does offer some interesting possibilities.  I am giving more detailed instructions on how to use the LaceNews Pinterest site – look at “Lace Links on Pinterest” just below the photo at the top of the LaceNews page.

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1 Response to Administrative: LaceNews on Pinterest

  1. lacenews says:

    I won’t be updating this post any longer, since I now have a formal page for the Pinterest activities in the header of this blog. That will be updated regularly.

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