Lace Event Spain: VI Trobada de Sta. Eulàlia , Barcelona – February 8, 2014

VI Trobada de Sta. Eulàlia, Barcelona (Catalonia)
Ia Junta de l’Associació Catalana de Puntaires (ACP)
I’Area de Festes de l’Ajuntament de Barcelona (ICUB)
Date: Sunday, February 9, 2014
Time: 11:00 to 13:00
Place: calle Arcs, avenida Portal del Ángel
Barcelona, Spain
Registration: Deadline, January 17th.  Tel: 93 4125078. Email:

Saint Eulàlia is a patron saint of Barcelona and her feast day is February 12th. Barcelona holds a festival for a week around that date, this year it is from February 7 through 9th and the 12th.  Tables will be made available for lacemaking groups of 10, and there is a maximum of 500 participants. Each group must have a partner in the ACP. All tables must be decorated with lace, and no sales are permitted.  No other craft may be displayed.

Three prizes will be offered, Best table, best original piece, and best work done.



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