Lace Event France: 1er Couvige “Dentelles Art Design”, Valenciennes – February 22-23, 2014

1er Couvige “Dentelles Art Design”, Valenciennes
“La Dentelle et La Mode”, featuring
Laces from Chantilly (represented by Danielle Wolf) and
Caudry (represented by Les Amis de la Dentelle)
l’Ecole de Dentelle de Valenciennes
Ville de Valenciennes
Dates: Saturday February 22 and Sunday February 23, 2014
Les Salons de l’Hôtel de Ville de Valenciennes
Place d’Armes
Hours: Saturday, 14:00 to 18:00
Sunday, 10:00 to 18:00
Phone:  03 27 22 57 65 or 03 27 22 57 81 (Mme Deloge, director of the school)

Grand fashion show on Sunday at 15:00
Centre de la Dentelle et des métiers d’art de Binche
De fil en fuseau: boutique et dentellières de Binche
Ecole de dentelle de Binche
Rosanna: Our cousin de Sebourg
C.S.L de Famars dirigé par Elisabeth Dejonghe
Atelier du Kerverhaut: Veronique Zimmerman
Club de Dentelle Hergnies
Chantal Daubies, M. Jeanne Houdin, Martine Holin, three Valenciennes lacemakers
Cathy Ghesquière, newly awarded diploma in Broderie de Lunéville
Etoile d’O, Jocelyne Wasylikow
Roselyne Dormignies, pattern teacher
Marc Amblard, manufacturer of Queyras pillows
J. P. Lensky
Sylvie Facon
Anabrode boutique en ligne a Valenciennes
Boutique de Liever, well known by lacemakers
Atelier Hana from the Czech Republic

Fees:  Entry is free.
The association “Authentique Dentelle de Valenciennes” was created in June 2012 following the dissolution of the association “Véritable Dentelle de Valenciennes”. It is attached to l’école de Dentelle de Valenciennes, 1, rue Emile Durieux, 59300 Valenciennes. This is there 1st couvige, although other events have been held in the past by the former organization.

Valenciennes      Valenciennes

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1 Response to Lace Event France: 1er Couvige “Dentelles Art Design”, Valenciennes – February 22-23, 2014

  1. Mary A, Carroll says:

    What a confluence of talent. I wish that a plane trip could be instantly realized to be present.

    Thank you for the posting.

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