Books: “Needlelace Designs and Techniques, Classic and Contemporary”, Catherine Barley

Title: Needlelace Designs and Techniques, Classic and Contemporary
Author:  Catherine Barley

I haven’t done much with books before, but will probably increase this in the future. I haven’t really decided on a format yet.  Catherine Barley sent me this notice:


A self published Print on Demand edition  of this much sought after book, spiral bound paper back priced at £26.50p plus postage.

I can accept UK sterling cheque or PayPal but if using PayPal please add £2.00 handling charge.  UK First class postage is currently £2.30p.  Second Class £1.90p.  Europe  First Class Airmail £6.40p.  NB. The Post Office advised me that postal charges will be increased at the end of March!  However, the good news is that a pack of both the Parasol cards and The Snow Queen cards can be included in the same envelope with no increased postage charge.  Full details on how to order can be found on my website under ‘SALES/ORDERS’ towards to bottom  left-hand side of the page.


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