Lace Event Spain: XXIV Mostra de Encaixe de Camariñas© – April 16-20, 2014

XXIV Mostra de Encaixe de Camariñas© (A Coruña, Galicia)
Sponsor:  Concello de Camariñas
Date: Wednesday April 16 to Sunday, April 20, 20124
Place: el Recinto Ferial de Camariñas
Program:  See  As of the date of this post, the final program has not been uploaded to the site.
Photos from 2013 event:

Telephone: Dna. Dolores Lema, 981-737-004

This event has been held since 1981 every year at Easter. It is chaired by Her Majesty Queen Sofia. It is an international event, promoting Camariñas lace for domestic and fashion use.  The festival especially promotes lace from the Galicia area of Spain. Camariñas also home to an important lace museum, and they have an online virtual museum at

The XXI Concurso de Jóvenes Diseñadore (21st Young Designer’s Contest) will also be held at the event, and 28 finalists have been selected to show their fashions out of 95 proposals (finalistas_2014).  Additional information includes: Announcement, registration, Catalogo.  I believe this last one is a catalog of laces available to the designers. Prizes are, 1st – 2,104 UR, 2nd – 1,201 EUR, 3rd, 601 EUR.

A number of courses will also be held, registration information is here: Camarinas courses. There are also demonstrations, and you can use the same form to register for these also. Seems to be a limit of 200 participants. Information is a little vague on the public events, hopefully it will firm up soon.

151TTlPg8nI   courses   1909349_1426872720887139_38525947_o   1932371_1427141084193636_1866358162_n

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