Lace Event Slovenia: 8. Slovenski Klekljarski Dnevi V Žiri – April 27 to May 4, 2014

8. Slovenski Klekljarski Dnevi V Žiri (Žiri Lacemaking Days)
Organizers:  Klekjarsko društva Cvertke Žiri
Date:  April 27 to May 4, 2014
Place:  various locations in Žiri
Information:  Marcia Albreht 041 502 312
Valerija Žakelj 041 688 327, Milena Miklavčič 064 110 466

My Slovenian isn’t so good, so let me just try to hit some highlights. Please let me know if I’ve gone wrong anywhere and I will correct the post:
April 26th – Opening of the Ziri Lacemaking Days, announcement of the Fashion Accessories contest winner.
April 27th – Fun bobbinlace competition for Children
Bobbinlace competition for adults.
April 29th – Round table discussion “The Future of Lace”, Žiri Museum, 19:00
May 1st – Mass for lacemakers, Church of St. Martin, 18:00
April 29th to May 2nd – Lacemaking demonstrations at all locations.

Exhibition by the Žiri lace society, Francke Šubic Galerija
Handicrafts exhibition, Kapela Male Cvetke
Žiri municipal building:
– Lace petals
– Exhibition of the lace school
 – The exhibition “Plants in Slovenia Lace(1st prize Caen, France – OIDFA?)
– Exhibition for entries received in the “Joy” competition
Permanent exhibition of the Žiri lace society, “Symbols of the EU”, and “Trees”, Galerija Pr’ Bahač
Exhibition “Transport at Žirovski, DD Partizan Žiri
Exhibition and Vendor sales, Galerija Hiša klekljanih čipk A. Primožič 1888
Exhibition of art works Žirovski painter Pavel Sedej, SedejaGalerija Zvonik, cerkev sv. Martina

Ziri_1   Ziri_2


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