Breaking News! XVI Biennale Internazionale del Merletto, Sansepolcro, Cancelled.

Thanks to Devon Thein for this information.  Doretta Davanza Poli, one of the world’s outstanding lace researchers, has just posted a notice on her Facebook page The Italian biennial lace festival at Sansepolcro, currently scheduled for its 16th version for September 8 to October 28, 2014, is being cancelled apparently for lack of resources.
Lace makers and collectors may be more familiar with the Northern Italian laces in Genoa, Milan and Venice, and serious students have likely encountered the fascinating laces of the Abruzzi region in central Italy. Sansepolcro lies roughly between these two areas. Bobbinlace was brought to the region through the efforts of sisters Adele and Ginna Marcelli, who created a school in 1900, eventually establishing an industry of over 1,000 lacemakers in the area. The school continued until 1955. In 1985, as part of ongoing efforts to recover this past, the biennial event was established and has become an important international event.
It is unclear if the decision is final. Lace enthusiasts are urged to write to Daniela Frullani, Mayor of Sansepolcro at asking for continued support for the event.  Doretta suggests that wording contain something along the following lines (interpreted from the Italian):
“I strongly urge the continuation of the International Lace Biennial at Sansepolcro, conceived and organized through the skill and generosity of Paolo Piovaticci, Ms. Maria Marchetti, and the Cultural Center of Sansepolcro.”

Sansepolcro   Sansepolcro
Image of the proceedings from the 15th Biennial held in 2012.

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1 Response to Breaking News! XVI Biennale Internazionale del Merletto, Sansepolcro, Cancelled.

  1. Devon Thein says:

    I have sent my request to the mayor. It is such a wonderful event, drawing contest entries from all over the world and filling historic buildings with exhibits in a charming Italian walled city known for a crossbow competition. The event is presided over by a renowned poet who is also a knight. It would be a shame if they ceased to hold it.

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