Lace Event Estonia: 21st Seto Lace Days – May 5-23, 2014

XXI Seto Pitsipäävä  – 21st Seto Lace Days
Theme:  Lilleaed  (flower garden, thanks for the comment!)
Organizers: MTÜ Seto Käsitüü Kogo
Date: May 5th to May 23th, 2014
Place: Seto Farm Museum
Värska, Estonia
Time: The museum is closed on Monday (not sure if this applies to lace events), and I think also on Sunday up until May 14th.
Otherwise the museum is open Tuesday-Sunday, 10:00 to 17:00.

The Seto farm museum has a wonderful collection of local folk items, especially costume and textiles. I was able to find one explanation on the visitestonia website:

“The Seto Lace Days bring together handicraft enthusiasts from far and wide. Lacework techniques used in Seto handicrafts are showcased in workshops and exhibitions and visitors are taught how to implement them in contemporary handicraft. The culmination of the event each year is the judging of the competition entries. For visitors this is an excellent opportunity to try their own hand at the art and see the masters at work.”

My Estonian is pretty bad, relying solely on Google Languages. But it looks like they will have several exhibitions, one on Seto Lace, and one on Needlework on the Farm. There will also be workshops, and a contest.  Haven’t been able to find details on those activities.

Fees: for the museum, 2.00 EUR adults, 1.00 EUR students, 1.00 EUR pensioners. Guided tours in English 5.00 EUR, other foreign languages 25.00 EUR.
It seems that the lace events are free, not sure of the details.
Tel: +372 56200057

Seto   Varska

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1 Response to Lace Event Estonia: 21st Seto Lace Days – May 5-23, 2014

  1. Lilleaed = flower garden 😉

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