Lace Event France: Salon Dentelle et Arts du Fil, Caen – May 31, 2014

Salon Dentelle et Arts du Fil, Caen (Caen, Calvados, Lower Normandy)
 l’Association Dentelles et Blondes de Caen et Courseulles  (DBCC)
Date: May 31, 2014
Place: Centre de Congrès – Caen
Hours:  09:00 to 18:00
Information and Reservations:
Michel Bouvot, Le petit Lieu, 14430 St Jouin, France, 02 31 79 23 07,
Fees:  7.00 EUR entry fee

Vendors: I count about 74 vendors and groups who will show at this event.
– Contemporary lace exhibition with works by Claudette Bouvot, Geneviève Olloix, Catherine Parfait-Mazé, Véronique Porot, Geneviève Pouteau, Florence Quinette, Pierre Varenne, Textilium (Michèle Coupez and Sylvie Roussel)
– Tapisseries de BayeauxLa Tour Eiffel en dentelle de Sofi (made for OIDFA 2012)
Exhibition of antique lace from the collection of the DBCC
Exhibition of lacemaker figurines by Jocelyne Duboc
“Zélie, dentellière à Alençon”, Claudette and Michel Bouvot, 15:00 to 16:00, Salle à l’étage du Centre de Congrès near the antique lace exhibition.
This event features all kinds of textiles and there are specialized classes. On Sunday and Monday there will be specialized lace courses by DBCC teachers (110 EUR, 12 hours over 2 days) –
Blonde de Caen
Dentelle de Bayeux (Chantilly)
Polychrome de Courseulles
Dentelle Torchon
Catherine Parfait-Mazé will offer a beginning course in Dentelle de Flandre (90 EUR for two days)
The planned embroidery class by Manuel Rodriguez unfortunately is cancelled.

Caen  Caen map

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2 Responses to Lace Event France: Salon Dentelle et Arts du Fil, Caen – May 31, 2014

  1. Malvary Cole says:

    Hi – I think you have mixed dates – the subject shows May 31 and the date in the text shows Sept 13-15. Also, is the location on the map correct? I looks like the marker is in south-eastern Spain, rather than north-western France.

    Best wishes – and thanks for these notifications, even though I can attend. Malvary in Ottawa

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