Administrative: August is a slow month!

Hope everyone is at least occasionally glancing at the lace events on the LaceNews Calendar page ( After having 67 events in April, 148 in May, 161 in June, and 42 in July, there are only 2 in August!  At least that I can find so far. Even the Ebay listings are down a bit, although last Sunday was a very good day.  Obviously the tradition of taking August vacation is still very much alive.
So I’m going to take this opportunity to catch up on some past events that I failed to adequately document, and also search for others that I might have missed. Of the 510 events on the calendars through April, I’ve only failed to document about 9%. But my goal this year was 100% documentation, which will also give me a great set of templates to use for event notices next year.  Then I can concentrate more on getting notices out earlier, and also making more direct contact with all the event organizers.  So please be patient while I try to catch up during this slow time.
Thanks so much,

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2 Responses to Administrative: August is a slow month!

  1. lacenews says:

    And maybe event starting to catch up on the LaceNews YouTube Channel videos!

  2. Lynn says:

    Although being in Australia means I can’t get to things in Europe, I continue to be grateful for all your hard work in posting events and all the articles you post.

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