On the Internet: Lace Guild Annual Advent Calendar for 2014

This just in from the Lace Guild’s amazing webmaster, David Leader – another great internet display and associated app.  The first of the Advent Calendar pictures will be active on December 1st, with daily updates. There is also a competition in the form of a quiz testing your lace knowledge on various pictures (http://www.laceguild.org/guild/competition.html)

The Lace Guild’s website will once again be mounting its Advent Calendar (http://www.laceguild.org/guild/calendar.html).

Although this works well on tablets as well as on standard computers, 24 windows are something of a squeeze on a smartphone. So this year we have prepared a phone version of the calendar which you can find at http://www.laceguild.org/phonecal.html.

This has the daily lace picture, although if you want the patterns and wish to enter the competition you will still need to go to the standard version. To compensate we have added a literary dimension to the phone version. (You need to tap somewhere other than the doors to get to it.) We are afraid that there is no turning the clock back – you can only see the picture and the literary quotation for the current day, so if you are interested in this, save a link on your phone and check it each day.

We have tested the site on all iPhones from 3G to 6+, and on several android phones and one Windows phone. As long as you have a recent browser the calendar should work. (We had trouble on an HTC phone until we downloaded a Chrome browser.)

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