Competition: Biennial “Kenmare Lace Festival 2015” International Lacemaking Competition – Entries due March 5, 2015

2015 International Lacemaking Competition
2015 Kenmare Lace Festival Committee
Contest Website:
Contest Entry form:
Online submission available
Or download form 2015-Int-Comp-Entry-Form. This can be emailed to, or posted to Emer Finnegan, Kenmare Lace & Design Centre, The Heritage Centre, Kenmare, Co. Kerry, Ireland.
Entry Form Deadline: Friday, February 6, 2015
Entry Submission Deadline: Thursday, March 5, 2015, 4:00 PM
Drop off entry or post to The Kenmare Lace & Design Centre. Do not lable the item with the entrant’s name. Be sure to include the name on the package or accompanying note, along with a return address. A photograph, photocopy or scan of the piece must be included. No glass (other than beads) may be included.  Send a fabric bag labeled with the entrant’s name and address large enough to store packing materials.
Entry fee:  Adults 20.00 EUR, Young Lacemakers (under 18 as of March 19, 2015) free.
The Kenmare Lace Festival reserves the right to use photographs of entries for educational purposes and for publicity in 2017 and subsequent years.  The lace remains the property of the maker.

This contest is one of two being held in connection with the 2015 Kenmare Lace Festival. Three prizes are offered in three separate categories:

Section A:  Traditional Irish Lace
Design may be original or from a stated existing source. Judging is based on workmanship, presentation, loyalty to tradition, and design if original. White thread is preferred unless colored thread was traditionally used. Finished piece must not exceed 50 cm x 50 cm.
1. Needlepoint Lace (Kenmare, Youghal, etc.)
2. Bobbin Lace
3.  Traditional Irish Crochet Lace
4. Carrickmacross Lace
5. Limericak Lace (Tambour/Run)
6. Tatting
7. Battenburg
1st prize: €1,000/2nd prize: €500

Section B:  Contemporary Lace
Designs may be original or from a stated existing source, and may use any combination of materials or lace techniques. Judging will be on workmanship, presentation, design and originality. 2D pieces may not exceed 50 cm x 50 cm. 3D pieces may not exceed 30 cm in any direction.
1st prize: €500/2nd prize: €200

Section C: Young Lacemakers
(i)  Open to children aged 17 and under on March 19, 2015.  Traditional or contemporary, following the same rules as Sections A and B above. Entries will be judged separately.
      1st prize: €50

The second competition is the 2015 Fashion-Able Competition, open to textile/design students at 3rd level Colleges.  See for details.

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