Administrative: Lace Event Calendars

I’ve done some revision to the Lace Event Calendar page  You can now pick up my big EXCEL spreadsheet which shows a complete list of lace days divided by country and by month. Click on the tabs at the bottom of the page to switch countries and type of event.  It lists the name of the last event posted, the date of the event, any deadlines to be met, and the date that it was posted on LaceNews.

I also have a section at the end which lists all the different names for ‘lace day’ – currently only for Spain but I will be adding more countries soon.

This is a working document, so expect a certain number of errors, and it will also change quickly.  I’ll update it regularly on the page. So far there are 886 event names listed.  On any event line, the dates they occurred and/or were posted on LaceNews are given starting in 2010.  This represents several thousand individual events over the years.

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1 Response to Administrative: Lace Event Calendars

  1. lacenews says:

    I’ve been working with LaceNews followers to get the spreadsheet more readable, especially on devices like Iphones, Ipads, etc. Total number of event names is now up to 1,084.

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