Lace Event Slovenia: 9. Slovenski Klekljarski Dnevi V Žireh – April 24 to May 3, 2015

9. Slovenski Klekljarski Dnevi V Žiri (9th Slovenian Lace Days in Žiri)
Organizers:  Klekjarsko društva Cvertke Žiri
Date:  April 24 to May 4, 2015
Place:  various locations in Žiri
Time:  9:00 opening time
Information and Registration:
Lucija Kavčič 031 693 731,, Milena Miklavčič 064 110 466
Registration form – Pravilnik + prijavnica za stojničarje Klekljarski dnevi-1

There are many events including those unrelated to lace, and my translation abilities in Slovenian are only through Google Language.  See more details in the flyers below.
April 24
16:00 Rountable on copyrights in lace
19:00 Opening of the exhibitions
April 26
13:00 Lace contest for children
14:30  Competition in lacemaking for adults

Exhibitions – open 7 days a week fro 9:00 to 19:00
Exhibition by the Žiri lace society, “The Four Seasons”
Žiri Lace School exhibition, based on local folktales.
Special Guests: the Lacemakers of the Klekljarske šole Stara Gorica (Gorzia Lace School).
Exhibition by Beatrike Poklič and Jožeta Stanonika.
Competition exhibition
Kavne cups exhibition
Andreja Stržinar, unique costumes from our past
Stana Kristan, floral bouquets
Modern Idrija Lace
Slovenian Bobbin Lace exhibited at the OIDFA Congress

PROGRAMzaskupineKlekljarskidnevi-1 PROGRAMzaskupineKlekljarskidnevi-2 PROGRAMzaskupineKlekljarskidnevi-3
letak-za-spletno-stran-1  Ziri

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