Auction: Hôtel Drouot – Textiles & Mode Ancienne – May 29, 2015

Textiles & Mode Ancienne
Date: Wednesday May 29, 2015
Place: Hôtel Drouot, Salle 16
9 rue Drouot, 75009 Paris, France
Time: Starts at 13:30
Online Catalog:  They did send me a hardcopy of the catalog, but there are more photos in the online version.
Public Viewing: Thursday May 28, 2015 from 11:00 to 18:00
Friday May 29, 2015 from 11:00 to 12:00
Auction by: Thierry de Maigret, 5, rue de Montholon, 75009 Paris
01 44 83 95 20,
Expert: Séverine Experton-Dard,, +33 (0) 6 80 65 12

Notes: The laces in this auction run from lots 1 to 69, with some embroidered linen.  Note the following:
Lot 20 – Alençon flounce, 2nd Empire, 10 cm x 875 cm, a little rough condition
Lot 27 – Point de Gaze flounce, 20 cm x 500 cm, romantic floral. No raised work.
Lot 29 – Point de Gaze stole with raised petals, 42 cm x 230 cm
Lot 43 – Reticella or Punto in Aria cover, probably 19th c.
Lot 48 – Punto in Area, Reticella style, with plaited bobinlace border, 17th c. 12 cm x 400 cm
Lot 50 – Two lappets, Brussels bobbinlace, 2nd quarter 18th c, pieced with droschel ground.  Not the most sophisticated design.
Lot 56 – Good Point de Gaze handkerchief with raised petals.
Lot 59 – Border of plaited bobbinlace, 9 cm x 240 cm.
Lot 62 – Flounce of Flemish pieced bobbinlace, early 18th c, 30 cm x 450 cm
Lot 63 – Fan leaf of Venise, fairly elaborate, late 19th c.
Lot 66 – Short border of Burano, 20 cm x 40 cm.
Lot 67 – Flounce of Flemish pieced lace, early 18th c, 60 cm x 320 cm
Lot 68 – Ombre shaded square mesh Valenciennes. No size given.
Lot 69 – Point de France wide flounce, 41 cm x 290 cm, late 17thc.

Drouot is an organization of auction houses throughout France, including their main facility, the Hôtel Drouot in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. Established in 1852, Hôtel Drouot held a monopoly on French antiques auctions until legal reforms opened the way for international competition in 2000.  The Gazette Drouot lists upcoming auctions.
Bidding:  Obviously you can come and bid in person. Phone or absentee bids are accepted.
Online bidding: All bidders must first register with Drouot (before Wed May 21st at noon for this sale). Go to to create an account.
Login at for online auctions, or for live auctions on the net.
There are many videos (in French) explaining the bidding process at:
Buyer’s Premium:  26.4% TTC (toutes taxe comprises, on the price and VAT) – check on this before the auction.
Payment due:  Expected almost immediately after the auction, cash, pre-approved cheque or credit card.

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