Lace Event Spain: XX Trobada de Puntaires, Mollet del Vallès – June 7, 2015

20a Trobada de Puntaires, Mollet del Vallès (Vallès Oriental, Barcelona, Catalonia)
Casal Cultural
Ajuntament de Molet del Vallès
Date: June 7, 2015
Place: Rambla Mollet
Hours:  starts at 9:00  (from last year)
Information:, 93 593 11 74

Not much information available on the Trobada de Puntaires. This event is combined with the 22a Mostra de Catifes de Flors de Corpus, which is a flower show featuring a 2 meter by 5 meter floral carpet on the Rambla.

Mollet del valles

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