Lace Event Portugal: Mostra Internacional Rendas de Bilros, Peniche – July 23-26, 2015

Mostra Internacional Rendas de Bilros, Peniche
XXIII Concurso de Rendas de Peniche
Câmara Municipal de Peniche,
Associação Peniche Rendibilros,
Escola Municipal de Rendas de Bilors, Peniche
  Thursday, July 24 to Sunday, July 27, 2015
See Agenda
Information:  Escola – 262.789.571,
Videos from 2014:

Rules for the 23rd Competition:  NORMAS_Conc_Renda_2015
Also see for a video on this year’s event.

Thursday July 23, 2015
11:00 Reception for foreign deligations – Auditório do Edifício Cultural da C.M.P.
11:30 Presentation of new products integrating Peniche lace – Auditório do Edifício Cultural da C.M.P.
15:00  Workshop on International bobbinlace techniques – Fórum da Parreirinha  (sponsor Trieste, Italy)
21:30 Book launch – “Abraço Peniche” by Ida Guilherme
Musical presentation by Angelina Seira
Auditório do Edifício Cultural da C.M.P.
Friday, July 24, 2015
21:30 Results of the XIII Concurso de Rendas de Penicha
Music by Carlota Fortes, Emanuel Soares, Joaquim Filipe Marçagão
Auditório do Edifício Cultural da C.M.P.
Opening of the Exhibition “XXII Concurso de Rendas de Peniche”
Sala de Exposições do Edifício Cultural da C.M.P.  Exhibition is open until 8/23/2015.
Saturday, July 25, 2015
10:30  Presentation of a floral garland at the lacemaker monument
several musical groups.
15:00 “Pé de Arei”, traditional Portugese music
19:00  Eucharist in thanksgiving for the Lacemakers
Igreja de S. Pedro
22:00 Performance by the Municipal Dance Studio
Fashion show of local and international fashion and accessories  “Renda na Moda”
Jardim Público
Sunday, July 26, 2015
10:30  Concerts
15:00 Fashion show “Rendas na Moda”
16:00 Rancho Folclórico – “Tá Mar” – Nazaré
Jardim Público

About 100 local lacemakers will participate, including 16 delegations from the Czech Republic (Prague), Russia (Nizhny Novgorod, Raduzhnyy) Italy (Trieste, Novedrate), Spain (Camariñas, Ourense, Malaga, Asturias, Salamanca, Zamora), Wales (Pontyclun), Estonia (Narva), Belgium (Bruges), Bulgaria (Sofia), France (Sebourg, Brioude, Vauvert), England (Stourbridge), Poland (Krakow, Bobowa), Switzerland (Locarno), Brazil (Florianópolis ), Argentina (Buenos Aires) and Portugal (Vila do Conde).  23 designs will be shown at the fashion show, by Modatex graduates – Vocational  Training Center for Textile Industry, Clothing, Confection and Wool.

301   PROGRAMA-2015-interior
Peniche map

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