Call for Proposals – 2nd International Symposium of Young Lace Makers – June 10-12, 2016

Call for Proposals – 2nd International Symposium of Young Lace Makers
Doily Free Zone
Textile Support, Pavia, Italy
Angharad Rixon,
Website and proposal submission:
Deadline for proposals: September 22, 2015

8/16/2015 – Revising the post again to reflect the new proposal deadline and update on the conference dates.

1/2/2015 – This revision reflects updates for the symposium. Things have been pushed back by about a year:

It is no surprise, following the successful 1st symposium in April 2013, that a second is planned. And it will continue as a biennial event in the future. “Young” means under 40.

This from the website:

2nd International Symposium of Young Lace Makers June 10-12, 2016
We are pleased to announce that we will be holding a symposium for and about young lace makers in Gandino, Italy, 10-12 June 2016. The symposium aims to encourage communication amongst young lace makers and to safeguard and promote this rich textile tradition as a form of creative expression.
The Theme for the 2016 Symposium is: Inter/Lace Inter/Face
For the purposes of this meeting we define lace as a fabric in which the open spaces are as fundamental to the design as the solid areas and where this is interplay of holes is an intrinsic part of the fabric’s structure, for this reason we will not accept proposals based on die or laser cut “lace patterns”. All lace makers who will present work or research papers and teach the workshops must be under the age of 40 at the time of the symposium, this is not meant as discrimination but is rather an attempt to focus on the work of a generation which for various reasons is not associated with the major guilds and organizations. The symposium, however, is open to all who wish to attend. The symposium will be divided into three categories; Lace and Tradition, Lace and Design and Lace and Art and we are accepting proposals for papers, works of art and design, and workshops related to these themes the deadline being September 22 2015.

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  1. laceandbits says:

    Hi Susan I know you will have seen this on arachne, but as this is the age group we are hoping to reach,  would a mention of it in Lace be appropriate? Even if only a  “calling all lacemakers under 40” and the website address. 

    Sent from Samsung tabletLaceNews wrote:

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