Lace Event Austria: 25. Klöppeltag in Niederösterreich – April 10, 2016

25. Klöppeltag in Niederösterreich
Organizers:  Pöchlarner Klöppelgruppen der VHS
Date: Sunday, April 10, 2016
Time: See Agenda below.
Place: Neuen Mittleschule Pöchlarn
3380 Pöchalarn, Austria
Website: Information and Registration:  Poldi Winkler, e-Mail:
0664 73611218

10:00  Opening by Mayor Francis Heisler
10:30  Lecture, Dr. Harmut Lang, “Spitzen der Wiener Werkstätte – Dagobert Peche”
9:00 to 16:00 Vendors
9:00 to 16:00 Exhibitions from Germany and Italy, and lacemaking demonstrations

Niederosterreich   Pochlarn

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