Lace Event Spain: I Encuentro de Bolillo Cerro Muriano – April 23, 2016

I Encuentro de Bolillo Cerro Muriano (Córdoba, Andalusia)
Sponsor:  Asoc. de Mujers Los Pinares
Collaborators: Ayuntamiento de Obejo, Ayuntamiento de Córdoba
Diputación de Córdoba
Date: Saturday, April 23, 2016
Time:  See Agenda
Information and Registration:  10 euros including breakfast and lunch
Registration deadline is April 11, 2016.
650 982 509 676 421 646

Gifts of non-perishable food are welcome for “Operación Kilo”, organized by el Banco de Alimentos Municipal.

10:00 Reception for the participants and welcome by authorities
10:30  Breakfast
11:00  Demonstration of Bobbinlace
12:30  Presentation by Cristina Serrano and gift distribution
14:00 Lunch
16:00 Tourist visit around the locality

Cerro muriano 1   Cerro muriano 2
Cerro muriano 3   Cerro Muriano map

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