Lace Event UK: The Makit LQ&N Fair 2015, May 8, 2016

The Makit LQ&N (Lace, Quilting & Needlecraft) Fair 2015
Date: Sunday, May 8, 2016
Place: The Atrium, The Peterborough Arena
East of England Show Ground, Peterborough PE2 6XE
Time: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Tickets: Adults £5.50 at the door. Under 14 free. Discounted advance tickets available until May 1st at £4.00.  Minimum 2 discounted tickets must be purchased.
Refreshments and restaurant available all day
Contact: Makit Fairs Limited
Email: or go to
Phone: 01354 650 500

Representatives from The Lace Guild, The Lace Society, The Guild of Needle Laces, OIDFA, Ring of Tatters and others will be present.

Lace-related vendors include:
Acorn Bobbins, C&D Springett, Jennifer Macpherson, Jo Firth Lacemaking & Needlecraft, Chris Parsons, Lacewing Designs, Louise West, M&D Davis Lace Bobbins, Mainly Lace, Makit, Margaret Wall Lace Bobbins, Painted Lace BobbinsReg Besant, Roseground Supplies, Sally’s Spangles, SMP Lace, Stuart Johnson, Watercolours and Lace, Winslow Bobbins, Knuston Hall, and many others.

Exhibitions will include a joint presentation by members of the Embroiderers Guild Eastern Region and the Quiters Guild Region 9.
Carol Quarini will present latest collection of contemporary lace.
Anna Halíková, editor of the Czech lace magazine Krajka will be present.

The genius behind Make-Lace-With-Us and Makit is Scilla Stephenson, who comes from a very long line of English lacemakers. She and her husband Steve operate Makit Lace in their 17th century home in Offord Darcy, Cambridgshire. They attend numerous lace days as suppliers, and run two major events, the LQ&N and Fenland suppliers fairs. (The LQ&N used to be known as the East of England Lace & Textile Craft Supplier Fair, and the venue has changed).  They also put on the Fenland Fair and the LQ&N Christmas Fair.



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