Lace Event Belgium: World Lace Congress Brugge 2018 : 2018 August 17th until 19th : LIVING LACE

World Lace Congress Brugge 2018 : 2018 August 17th until 19th : LIVING LACE

Many enthusiastic lace aficionados, collectors, and museums will exhibit their masterpieces, offering a varied selection, historical as well as contemporary, including Antwerp lace of the 17th Century, the hardly known War Lace from WW1, fascinating needle lace, the mysterious Chantilly, fantastic sculptures, Fine Art beading and lace from Lier,…

The Lace tour stops in the following cities:
Binche, Kortrijk, Ieper, Aalst, Temse, Antwerpen, Leuven, Sint-Truiden, Liège, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw and Brussel.

Apart from the lace exhibitions there will be a chance to explore and experience the individuality of each city.”

Subscription is open !

Don’t wait too long to get the proper class you want.
Some classes are already almost filled up.”

Greet Rome-Verbeylen
Brugge 2018 vzw

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