Auction: Haute Couture Luxe Vintage – Dentelles et linge de maison – November 27, 2020

Auction: Haute Couture Luxe Vintage – Dentelles et linge de maison
Date: Friday, November 27, 2020
Place: This is sponsored by Drouot, which is now closed, so the auction is entirely online.
Time: 13:30 for lace, lots 1-128
15:00 for Vintage items, lots 200-455
Click “Book mode” at the top of this page to get English translations. These have the usual DeepL peculiarities.
Auction by: De Baecque et Associés
Tel. 04 72 16 29 44 / 01 42 46 52 02
phone during the auction, 01 48 00 20 03
Lace and linens expert: Claude Vuille,, +33 (0)6 74 66 39 05
Vintage – Haute Couture – Maroquinerie expert: Claire
Chassine-Lambert,, 06 75 03 05 93

Here are some listing that I find interesting:

Lot 19 A reticella/Punto in Aria border, Jane Page collection with interesting bird motifs.
Lot 20 Reticella insertion including raised work, with Genoese bobbinlace border.
Lot 23 3 borders of Punto in Aria some with figural bird motifs.
Lot 36 Large border (probably a furnishing flounce) of Point de France, 3.2 m x 56 cm. Interesting how these often are around 10 feet long, usually cut down from longer pieces.
Lot 41 Valenciennes lappets with connecting band, round-hole mesh.
Lot 66 Polychrome buratto bordered cloth – these are rare, but a few complete examples have come up recently.
Lot 70 An interesting blonde headdress with no ground. I haven’t seen anything like this before.
Lot 80 4.95 m x 14 cm border of Alençon.
Lot 94 Alençon handkerchief.
Lot 112 A bertha and large collar of Point de Gaze, good design and technique.
Lot 118 Rosaline perlé rectangular shawl.
Lot 119 A Beveran border and one of Point de Paris with a ‘Made in Belgium’ tag.

This is a live auction, and you must register by Friday, November 27th at 13:30. On the website, there’s a ‘register’ button for each lot – but you only have to do this once and it will apply to all lots. You can leave a bid on the website, or bid online live when the auction starts. There might be telephone bidding, but I’m not sure how that would work.

Because of the Covid shutdown two shipping services are authorized to pick up and send your wins. Be very careful, this can be extremely expensive. If you want to pick them up yourself, you must make an appointment. Drouot will store lots for free up to two weeks after the shutdown ends.

Buyer fee’s is 27% TTC. Drouot Live Platform additional sales cost, 1.5%. “Live Auction” additional cost is 3%.

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