Ebay Alerts! Five Items – December 5, 2010

Current offer: $275.00, no bids
Auction ends: Dec 06, 2010 20:02:27 PST
Offered by: Paivi Roberts, Ebay Seller greatlace, Paris-Palm Beach
Comments: Excellent Flemish piece, nice design, good length, good workmanship and condition. Hard to top it for this kind of lace.

Sold for $275.00

http://tinyurl.com/29chowj Antique Valenciennes lace lovely very long length
Current offer: 24.99 GPB, no bids
Auction ends: Dec 07, 2010 06:40:47 PST
Offered by: Ebay Seller discover4, London
Comments: Good long length of Valenciennes, in much better condition that one usually finds. Mesh isn’t quite as square as one would expect – might be from Bailleul.

Sold for 69.99 GBP

http://tinyurl.com/29gbbt5 Antique h/made Bedfordshire lace hanky with silk centre
Current offer: 22.99 GPB, no bids
Auction ends: Dec 07, 2010 07:31:17 PST
Offered by: Ebay Seller discover4, London
Comments: Floral Bedfordshire handkerchief, looks in good condition. Very similar to another posting from this seller, item 290506593467, but I don’t think they are the same piece.

Sold for 29.99 GBP

http://tinyurl.com/26fv34m 18thc. Point de Gaze antique lace wedding handkerchief
Current offer: 86.00 GPB, no bids
Auction ends: Dec 12, 2010 10:25:22 PST
Offered by: Ebay Seller kubsjaoet, Kirkcudbright, Dumfries & Galloway DG6 4UU, United Kingdom
Comments: Good Belgian 19thc needlelace point-de-gaze type handkerchief with monogram – doesn’t look like there is any raised work. You can see a few small  holes in the ground on the enlargements – wish there were more photos.  Design is a bit fussy, outlines aren’t quite as sharp as they could be, and jours are not very innovative.  But a good example.

Sold for 312.01 GBP

http://tinyurl.com/286qgj6 Antique Lacemaking Lace Makers Bobbins Mundillo Machine
Current offer: $177.50, 18 bids from 3 bidders
Auction ends: Dec 10, 2010 14:47:20 PST
Offered by: Ebay Seller missjunk, Madison, Wisconsin
Comments: Very interesting Spanish Mundillo – bare wood with a lot of built in support for thread organization. These are usually found covered with some kind of padding, and this one is a little off-normal. The complexity of the woodwork is very attractive, and pieces like this often do extremely well in the US. I like it a lot.

Sold for $550.99

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