Administrative: Fire

Update 7/1/2011

Speculation is that we will be able to return to our homes on July 4th, but that is still only a guess. My deepest thanks to everyone who has written, your support is greatly appreciated! About 10,000 evacuees are now spread around the area, and all we really want is for our firefighters and emergency personnel to stay safe, and to know just how much we appreciate their efforts.

Watching the fire from my back yard on June 26th.  It started that same day at ~10 AM – when a tree fell on a power line in the Jemez. I had gone to lunch with friends, when the sky was perfectly clear. When I came back home around 1:30 there was an enormous plume of smoke.  We evacuated on June 27th. By the time it was fully contained on August 3, 2011, the Las Conchas fire had burned over 150,000 acres making it the largest wildfire ever in New Mexico state history.

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2 Responses to Administrative: Fire

  1. Tina says:

    Hi Laurie
    Wishing you and your neighbours good luck and hope that you all keep safe.
    Will look forward to hearing Lacenews as and when you can.
    Take care

  2. Diane Martin says:

    I am so glad you were able to safely evacuate and return home afterwards. It made my stomach do flipflops to see the fire on channel 7 and 4 in Albq. Di

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