Ebay Alerts! Thirteen items – September 11, 2011

http://tinyurl.com/43nff5a lovely square large border antique Honiton guipure lace 19inchs square 3 in deep
Size: 19″ square, 3″ lace width
Starting price: 12.00 GBP
Auction ends: Sep 12, 2011 07:12:04 PDT
Offered by: Ebay seller reddolly123, nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom
Comments: A good detached handkerchief border of Honiton. The photos aren’t close enough to really assess the details – I’d like to see more of the large filling areas. I also can’t tell how the brides were made. Condition appears good, seller does note some broken brides and marks, but doesn’t give specifics.

   Sold for 12.00 GBP, 1 bidder.

http://tinyurl.com/3goyuhg Antique FRENCH VALENCIENNES LACE DGING 92″ by 2 1/4″
Size: 2.25″ x 92″
Starting price: $26.00 Buy-it-Now
Auction ends: Sep 12, 2011, about 1PM
Offered by: Ebay seller ryphat, Paris, France
Comments: This appears to be a handmade Valenciennes border – I’m mainly judging from the weaving into the picot border on the bottom.  Looks like a diagonal join in the middle of the photo. This is a 19th century piece, fairly unusual design of 6-petaled flowers.  Overall condition looks good.

   Did not sell.

http://tinyurl.com/4yv88z5 VERY FINE FRENCH ANTIQUE LACE MOP FAN
Size: 9″ folded, 17″ across unfolded.
Starting price: $125.00
Auction ends: Sep 12, 2011 18:17:30 PDT
Offered by: Ebay seller eraanteeks, Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Comments: A good Brussels Duchesse fan with Mother of Pearl sticks. It comes with a box by Benjamin Lachelin, Paris. Condition looks very good, I don’t see any problems. Design is conventional bobbin motifs with Point de Gaze inserts. I think the single rose has a raised petal section, hard to tell from the photo.

   Sold for $125.00, 1 bidder.

Size: 15″ x 50″
Starting price: $45.00
Auction ends: Sep 13, 2011 08:41:12 PDT
Offered by: Ebay seller tucholska, Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States
Comments: A rectangular runner of guipure bobbinlace – might be Beds, although a little heavy for that kind of work. Might also be French Cluny, or even a Spanish piece. Hard to tell with this kind of lace.   I like the bold design and the round medallions.  Condition looks very good, I don’t see any problems.

   No bids.

http://tinyurl.com/3brajpc Gorgeous FRENCH ANTIQUE bobbin LACE ORNAMENT
Size: 14.25″ x 6.5″
Starting price: $16.50 Buy-it-now
Auction ends: Sep 13, 2011 around 10AM ? Can’t find an exact date.
Offered by: Ebay seller ryphat, Paris, France
Comments: This is a lot of fun, I love the complex filling.  I have no idea where it might be from. Note the looped picots, this might be a clue. And the raised tallies. I’d be interested in hearing opinions.  Condition looks very good.

   Sold for $16.50, Buy-it-Now.

http://tinyurl.com/3ngfs8e UNIQUE HM Antique Vtg CLUNY LACE APPLIQUE *BUTTERFLY
Size: 2-3/4″ x 4-3/4″
Starting price: $0.99
Auction ends: Sep 13, 2011 18:03:32 PDT
Offered by: Ebay seller adtjmd, RED VELVET BENCH, United States
Comments: Little handmade lace butterflies are so darn cute, and very popular with collectors. Normally made in Point de Gaze, they do come in other techniques like this probable Cluny example. They are basically a 20th century tourist item.  This one is in very good condition. I haven’t seen one in this technique before.

   Sold for $8.00, 4 bidders.

http://tinyurl.com/3fbrgob vtg antique(?) white cotton HONITON (?)BOBBIN LACE HANDKERCHIEF 12.5″square
Size: 12.5″ square, lace is 2.5″
Starting price: 9.99 GBP
Auction ends: Sep 15, 2011 02:15:41 PDT
Offered by: Ebay seller anne1054, London E8, United Kingdom
Comments: A snails/slugs period Honiton handkerchief. Could stand a good pressing to get a better idea of condition. Some of the rose fillings look disturbed, and some brides are detached. It’s a standard design, meant for fast production. With a bit of attention it would look much better – for its type, a nice addition to a collection.

   Sold for 25.01 GBP, 3 bidders.

Size: 30.5″ x 10″
Starting price: 9.99 GBP
Auction ends: Sep 15, 2011 03:05:19 PDT
Offered by: Ebay seller jean_essex, Essex, United Kingdom
Comments: Very interesting piece. Punto Tirato Tela Sfilata was the name of the early Italian work. When this type of work comes up, it’s always a close call as to when it was made, and the documentation with this piece sheds some light on a very confusing area.  I wish the whole piece were shown to see if anything has been cut. I’m not really sure what to make of this.  Is it really a product of the Ladies Work Society, or is it an earlier piece they made have used as an example? A few holes and a repair, but overall good condition.

   Sold for 87.99 GBP, 4 bidders.

http://tinyurl.com/43ds3tr Spellewerkster Vlaams aardewerk getekend rechthoekige stempel Laignel
Size: ~15cm high
Starting price: 35.00 EUR
Auction ends: Sep 16, 2011 06:40:21 PDT
Offered by: Ebay seller stekveugel, Torhout, Belgium
Comments: A signed Flemish Pottery lacemake (http://tinyurl.com/4baktku) is rare, and the Pieter Jozef Laignel pottery (1898-1929) is about the earliest one making this figure. Actually, the seller says that the square stamp is used by Laignel, and doesn’t seem to definitively give an attribution. It is very small, and I haven’t seen it before.  My own Laignel figures are much larger and more finely worked. The fact that it says ‘Made in Belgium’ in English speaks to the later tourist trade. But then not much is written about Laignel, so who knows. Excellent condition.

   Sold for 51.90 EUR, 4 bidders.

Size: 24″ diameter
Starting price: $8.99
Auction ends: Sep 16, 2011 15:20:40 PDT
Offered by: Ebay seller allmndjy, Beautiful Central Pennsylvania!, United States
Comments: This seller is offering five Armenian lace pieces (see also Ebay #260851253839, 260851255310, 260851258081, and 310344421558. The last two are the same pattern. These are large works with impressive patterns. Condition appears very good – the small nits are actually thread tie-offs.  All are quite impressive.

Left: 24″, Sold for $152.50, 7 bidders.
Middle: 20″ (two were posted), Sold for $42.01, 4 bidders & $102.50, 5 bidders.
Right:  13″ x 20″, Sold for $31.00, 3 bidders.

http://tinyurl.com/3zs4ns3 EXQUISITE Antique Lace Lappet BRUSSELS POINT de GAZE
Size: 44″ long, widest point ends 4+”, narrowest center point 2+”
Starting price: $9.99
Auction ends: Sep 17, 2011 10:30:22 PDT
Offered by: Ebay seller things*most*delightful, Sacramento, California, United States
Comments: Good Point de Gaze joined 19th c lappets. Naturalistic flowers, no raised petals, and some nice jour fillings.  It does have condition issues, holes in the net ground. It does have that slightly wrinkled washed look, but not bad. Color seems a little beige to me, but that might just be the photography.

   Sold for $86.50, 9 bidders.

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