The LaceNews Channel on YouTube – Update for March 2012

One hundred videos and five more playlists were added in the March 2012 update. Six previously listed videos are no longer available. That brings the current video total to 2,250 in 90 playlists.  The sorting convention for playlist videos is first by post author, then by date, then alphabetically by title. An exception is the Fashion playlist, which is only sorted by date. A pdf of all videos in their sorted order for each playlist can be downloaded at Playlist_Mar_2012.  If  you are into playing with databases, you can also download my original EXCEL file at Playlist_Mar_2012.  The EXCEL file has three sections – first a listing of all the videos in their sorted order with the new additions shown in red. Deletions are shown in green (the author can delete a post, declare it private, or an account can close, or maybe I’m correcting a past mistake). Second, a list of just the new additions.  Finally, there is a summary of activity in each playlist by month.  The pdf file now only has the total and new additions pages; the summary is getting too long to fit in the standard pdf format, so it is only available in the EXCEL file.

The playlist Update_March_2012, which is now the first one in the ‘Featured’ page in the new YouTube format, contains all the new videos added for March. The order is the same as in the pdf file. The Update_February_2011 playlist is still there, and the Update_January_2011 playlist has been deleted. Videos being collected for the April update are in the playlist Z-Update.

If you see something that is missing, or if you have suggestions for better organization, please write to

Newly added playlists include:
No new playlists were added, although I did split the two Spanish Bobbinlace ones into three roughly equal length playlists.

New videos added to the collection:
Below I summarize the number of new videos added to existing playlists. In parentheses, I am also adding the number of videos in a playlist that were deleted outside of my control during the month. Note, I don’t always check every playlist for deletions with each monthly update – usually just the ones that have new additions.

Bobbinlace Instruction 1            1
Bobbinlace Instruction 2            1
Argentina – Bobbinlace               1
Belgium – Bobbinlace                  1
Brazil – Bobbinlace                      6
Brazil – Embroidered Net           1
Czech Republic – Bobbinlace       2
Drawnwork, Pulled Thread Embroidery, whitework       4
Fashion                                          3
France – Bobbinlace                     1
France – Needlelace                     1
Germany – Bobbinlace                 1
Italy – Bobbinlace                         6
Italy – Puncetto                            1
Paraguay – Nanduti                     1
Portugal – Bobbinlace                  3
Puerto Rico – Museums              2
Romanian Point Needlelace        1
Russia & Belarus – Bobbinlace    1
Slovenia – Bobbinlace                   2
Spain – Bobbinlace 1                    26  (1)
Spain – Bobbinlace 2                    27  (5)
Spain – Bobbinlace 3                     5
Sweden – Bobbinlace                    1
Tatting 1                                         2
Tatting 2                                         3
Tatting – Needle Tatting              5
Turkey – Oya                                 1
Ukraine – Irish Crochet                1

Notes on the format:
– As noted above, I split the two Spanish bobbinlace playlists into three, since I was hitting the 200 video limit on the first one.
– I changed the name of the ‘Drawnwork’ playlist to ‘Drawnwork, Pulled Thread Embroidery, and Whitework’, since I’ve been seeing a lot of drawnwork that’s actually pulled thread work.

Here are a few new interesting things:
– The featured video is now a Nanduti piece, I think it’s a talent contest with a contestant singing something with a lace-theme. I’ll try to track down the words of the song.
– Did you know there is a Puncetto museum in Fobello, Italy?  See ‘Museo del Puncetto a Fobello’ in playlist Italy – Puncetto.
– Check out the ‘RustiKate’s Speed Tatting Method’ in the Tatting – Needle Tatting playlist. Impressive.
– For those who speak French, there’s a new video ‘Alencon-Temps’ in the France – Needlelace playlist showing interviews with several individual lacemakers.
– ECGIproject in the Italy – Bobbinlace playlist has four amazing documentary videos on Cantu lace; I’ll make one the featured video next month.  They aren’t well documented, so I need to do some investigation.
– Just what you need, more videos!  I’m now setting up a LaceNews site on the Dailymotion website, where a lot of French lacemakers are posting videos.  I’ll get that organized for the April update.

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1 Response to The LaceNews Channel on YouTube – Update for March 2012

  1. Devon Thein says:

    I love the Nanduti video! Why don’t more beautiful young women make pop music videos in which they not only sing and dance in front of colorful lace light shows, but wear lace inspired clothing and even do lace making performance art? This is truly an art form whose time has come! Do I hear International Old Lacers, Inc. Annual General Meeting and Convention stardom calling?

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