Ebay Alerts! Fourteen items – November 10, 2013

http://tinyurl.com/os25sb2 Extremely Rare Antique Handmade Brussels Bobbin Lace Doily
Size:  7″ diameter
Starting Price: $29.99
Auction ends: Nov 10, 2013 14:57:09PST
Offered by: Ebay seller mike10_mike, West Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Comments: I agree with the seller, it is rare to find Brussels bobbinlace applique on machine net in this form. It’s just too delicate a lace for the wear expected of a doily. This one is quite well made, with a dense design that looks impressive. Needlelace rings in the ground and simple fillings for the flowers.
Modifications:  None, but probably part of a now disbursed set.
Damage:  Nothing obvious, looks very good.
Soilage:  A few light age spots.

350917869556   No bids.

http://tinyurl.com/o4mcvng Antique Mechlin handmade bobbin lace length
Size:  2.5″ x 2 yards 24.5″
Starting Price: 29.99 GBP
Auction ends: Nov 12, 2013 05:39:57 PST
Offered by: Ebay seller discover4, London, United Kingdom
Comments: I’ll call it a floral Bucks border, point ground, extensive honeycomb fillings with a few tally decorations.  Lille could also be a possibility.  The lower border takes up almost half the width of the design, nicely offset by the sprigs in the upper ground.
Modifications:  Cut both ends.
Damage:  Seller cites a few minor pulls.
Soilage:  Nothing obvious from the photos.

291010216534   Sold for 53.87 GBP, 3 bidders.

http://tinyurl.com/p68nyra Antique Maltese handmade lace lovely round centre piece cloth
Size:  28″ diameter
Starting Price: 44.99 GBP
Auction ends: Nov 12, 2013 05:56:44 PST
Offered by: Ebay seller discover4, London, United Kingdom
Comments: A round Maltese tablepiece, 4 concentric circles of decoration. Alternating sun and cross around the outside, massive mats of woven leaves just inside that.  I like the half-sun motifs which come next, then a simpler cross and leaf design next to the star-shaped silk center cloth. All very well done.
Modifications:  None
Damage:  Seller cites a couple very minor pulls.
Soilage:  Seller cites a tiny brown mark on the silk cloth.

291010221557   Sold for 52.00 GBP, 2 bidders.

http://tinyurl.com/p55wwzf Antique Chantilly lace lovely very long and wide length
Size:  12″ x 5 yards 22″
Starting Price: 49.99 GBP
Auction ends: Nov 12, 2013 05:56:44 PST
Offered by: Ebay seller discover4, London, United Kingdom
Comments: A Chantilly flounce – wide and long (which is pretty common for Chantilly borders). This one looks very dark and a little dense, which is probably a sign of Belgian manufacture.  Good romantic design with alternating flower sprays and a kind of fan shaped motif with leaves on top. Lots of esprits in the ground.
Modifications:  I can’t see the ends to tell if they are cut.
Damage:  One repair 15″ long near one end, few minor pulls.
Soilage:  Black color makes it hard to tell.

291010273464   Sold for 52.87 GBP, 2 bidders.

http://tinyurl.com/obwe6ol * Antique Brussels Duchesse & Point de Gaze Lace Collar *
Size:  10″ across back, 6″ depth from neckedge
Starting Price: $22.50
Auction ends: Nov 12, 2013 11:35:03 PST
Offered by: Ebay seller jaruk, Worcester, United Kingdom
Comments: A dress front of Brussels Duchesse. Raised petal roses in the Point de Gaze inserts, which are fairly elaborate and nicely done.  Good raised work in the bobbinlace also. An impressive looking piece.
Modifications:  None
Damage: I think there’s a tiny hole in the upper right PtdG insert mesh. Otherwise fine. A few loose threads around neckline, very minor.
Soilage:  One small mark on a leaf center back edge.

161143540579   Sold for $80.00, 10 bidders.

http://tinyurl.com/nwznpbw XVIIIe – LOUPE DE DENTELLIÈRE Verre soufflé ART POPULAIRE Normandie – 18eme
Size:  25 cm high, 18 cm diameter.
Starting Price: 1.00 EUR
Auction ends: Nov 12, 2013 11:41:05 PST
Offered by: Ebay seller moauctoins, Paris, France
Comments: I’ve written extensively on these focusing lamps http://tinyurl.com/3q39zro. This type is probably French, and you see variations with different length necks. As far as date goes, they were used in the 19th and early 20th c, so it is very difficult to attribute an earlier date without a provenance.  Copies are being made by modern glassblowers, but this one has a good older look to it.
Modifications:  None
Damage: A little cloudy on the inside, might be some lime deposit. Not bad, actually.
Soilage:  Looks good.

190954598306   No bids.

http://tinyurl.com/q97hc6n Beautiful Antique Hanmade Lace Flounce-Point de Gaze
Size:  5.5″ x 104″
Starting Price: 14.99 GBP
Auction ends: Nov 12, 2013 11:58:38 PST
Offered by: Ebay seller baraud, Newton Abbott, United Kingdom
Comments: A Point de Gaze border with raised petal roses (double petals along the lower border). A nice looking design, well made – higher end market piece. The design fills the entire space well, with tiny esprits scattered in the bare ground.
Modifications:  I think it’s cut on both ends.
Damage: Some holes in the mesh, especially hear the engrelure. Pinholes elsewhere. Looks like one small repair to a raised petal rose.
Soilage:  Cream color, a few minor yellow marks. I see one tiny blue mark like from a pen.

310787848861   Sold for 200.00 GBP, 10 bidders.

Size:  30 cm neckline, 26 cm max depth.
Starting Price: 0.99 GBP
Auction ends: Nov 12, 2013 13:40:47 PST
Offered by: Ebay seller beyondthetower, SOMERSET, United Kingdom
Comments: A figural Honiton Point collar, quite deep.  The brides are needle-made. The flowers look like tulips, and butterflies are scattered around as if they were flying through a flower garden.  The neck edge looks a little snails/slugs, but the rest is more advanced technically, probably a later piece.
Modifications: Correction – no modifications.
Damage: A reader points out that there’s a missing leaf at the upper left near the neckline. That would be damage, not a modification.
Soilage:  A number of small brown spots throughout.

370935962062   Sold for 91.00 GBP, 12 bidders.

Size:  9 cms x 293 cms
Starting Price: 0.99 GBP
Auction ends: Nov 12, 2013 13:48:57 PST
Offered by: Ebay seller beyondthetower, SOMERSET, United Kingdom
Comments: A long, narrow Point de Gaze border, no raised work.  Fairly simple design with a few decorative ‘mode’ fillings. A star-shaped filling ties the swags together nicely.  It does well with the narrow width, nicely finished with a pointed scalloped edge. I like the little 6-pointed stars used as esprits.  Note also the long, single spiked picots along the lower edge – sign of a particular manufacturer, name now lost.
Modifications: Cut on ends.
Damage: No obvious damage from the photos. The mesh in particular looks in very good shape.
Soilage:  A few small brown spots.

261323025167   Sold for 161.00 GBP, 16 bidders.

http://tinyurl.com/pggjeqg Honiton lace collar and dress front
Size:  max depth 18″, max width 11.25″
Starting Price: 9.99 GBP
Auction ends: Nov 13, 2013 07:53:40 PST
Offered by: Ebay seller 999dogtoby, Bath, United Kingdom
Comments: A Honiton Point dress front, with needle-made ground. Very nice description by the seller.  Interesting how the motifs overlap the engrelure on the neckline. Just a hint of snail/slugs, although I do find the design a little crowded.
Modifications: None
Damage: Minor damage to one filling.
Soilage:  Looks quite clean from the photos.

291009197515   Sold for 21.09 GBP, 3 bidders.

http://tinyurl.com/oa3b4xg Cream silk Irish crochet collar
Size:  depth center back 6″”, max width 17″”
Starting Price: 9.99 GBP
Auction ends: Nov 13, 2013 10:08:16 PST
Offered by: Ebay seller 999dogtoby, Bath, United Kingdom
Comments: Silk imposes certain technical limitations in Irish Crochet – you tend to get a lot of padded circular rings that work well as grapes. This collar is quite well done with a variety of motifs, and note the unusual fillings in some of the trefoil-like structures (if you look hard at IC there’s almost always a series of three-branched structures).  It also has a little raised work.
Modifications: None
Damage: Very slight – maybe one broken bride.
Soilage:  One small area of brown staining. Seller indicates the piece has been washed.

291010819290   Sold for 26.20 GBP, 4 bidders.

http://tinyurl.com/q95u8f7 Antique/vintage Blonde silk lace hat veil – Pat Earnshaw collection.
Size:  43″ x 56″
Starting Price: 24.95 GBP
Auction ends: Nov 13, 2013 10:46:06 PST
Offered by: Ebay seller derbeatle, Cheltenham, United Kingdom
Comments: Ex. coll. Pat Earnshaw. A Blonde de Caen hat veil, in much better condition than the two previous veils recently offered by this seller.  It does look at bit pieced together, see how the flower motifs in the ground crowd up against the outer edge, as if some of the racroc lengths don’t quite fit the form.  The lower border is quite elaborate and impressive. A later 19th c piece, I think.
Modifications: None, although there isn’t a full photo of the piece, so it’s a bit hard to tell.
Damage: Expected damage to the net, racroc coming apart, some repair to the top edging.
Soilage:  I think I see a few localized small brown stains, a bit hard to tell.

231089665050   Sold for 223.99 GBP, 8 bidders.

Size:  62″ neckline, 13″ deep at back
Starting Price: $59.00
Auction ends: Nov 13, 2013 15:30:23 PST
Offered by: Ebay seller jamiexmas*, Southbridge, Massachusetts, United States
Comments: A narrow rectangular scarf of Irish crochet, at least it is used that way to decorate the bodice. Might also be a collar since the backpiece is slightly triangular. Photos aren’t close enough to say how the picots are made. Interesting motifs, tightly worked.  A shaped piece.
Modifications: Crochet is fitted to black silk taffeta top.  I think the outside edge of the lace has been cut from a larger piece, at least on the hanging ends.
Damage: Silk split on the inside. Lace looks good, probably protected by the backing.
Soilage:  A few localized brown stains.

291010972938   Sold for $74.00, 2 bidders.

Size:  50″ x 5.5″ max width
Starting Price: $79.99
Auction ends: Nov 13, 2013 16:04:09 PST
Offered by: Ebay seller jamiexmas*, Southbridge, Massachusetts, United States
Comments: A lappet scarf of Duchesse de Bruges, although there are a few ring needlelace fillings scattered around.  I like the way many of the leaves and scrolls are filled with large areas of half stitch – with a simple gimp they look quite modern. The rest is a more traditional Duchesse with a little raised work.
Modifications: None
Damage: Looks intact from the photos.
Soilage:  Several age spots.

291010985588   Sold for $100.00, 4 bidders.

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