Lace Event Germany: 7. Vogtländisches Klöppeltreffen, Schöneck – May 30-31, 2015

7. Vogtländisches Klöppeltreffen, Schöneck (Vogtlandreis, Saxony)
Organizers: Das Klöppelparadies Schöneck
Date: Saturday, May 30, and Sunday May 31, 2015
Place: das Bürgerhaus Schöneck, Kirchstraße 7
Time: not given.
Information: Hanna Peschke-Lederer
Am Sohr 81A, 08261 Schöneck

The Klöppelparadies organization covers a wide area.  It meets every Thursday from 13:00 to 17:00 in Schöneck.   It also meets every third Saturday in Kraslice in the Pension “Krasta at 10:00.  Meetings are also held in Klingenthal, Oelsnitz and other towns.

vogtlaendisches-kloeppeltreffen-2015   schoneck

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